Thursday, August 16, 2007

Customer World and Politics

Do you think that customer is always right?

I read an article -continue reading for full here- dated Aug 15, on the website of the New York Times. It's about Nova Rico, a cartography company in Impruneta, where is near to Florence of Italy, that sells custom designed globes for 50 years.

All we know very well today that it's the information age. Information is the most important tool in today's world. Some of Nova Rico's customers have asked to the company to produce inaccurate presentations of the world because of the political purposes.

Take an example: Middle Eastern countries asking for Israel not to appear on globes to Turkey requesting that Cyprus is shown split in two. Chile is given parts of Antarctica that on other globe go to Argentina.

What should the Company, Nova Rico, do in this situation?

I think that these kind of ethical requests do not seem like the right way to go about the powerful relationships with the customers.

In the end, what would be your answer if a customer was making a conflicting request with what your thought was right? Yes? Or No?

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