Monday, September 03, 2007

Chic and Simple

Wouldn't it be nice to dream of a champagne Birthday on a pink cloud with the loved ones around of me, who can't stop complimenting my new dress?

I know that my continuous readers will say that ''Hey Nihal, your birthday is already over.'' I know, you are right. But nothing kills a good daydream;)

For any occasion... Dresses upon dresses. One is all you need, of course. But more would be divine like this one:

This fabulous dress is from my dear friend living in North Carolina, USA. Styled by Joyce. Photographed by me:) Surprisingly I found this B-day gift -more than a gift, but a work of art- in my mailbox a few days ago.

She is not working for Versace nor Dolce&Gabbana;) However she's very talented one! She made this dress using floral cozy printed fabric, which provides an enormous lift. Embellished it with pretty nice stones in my favorite colors blue, green and red -maybe or not it can be seen in the photo-.

Could you get any prettier, sweeter, happier? My happiness is great! Unmeasurable! I cannot wait for my next birthday to wear it;)

From now on, I made a chic combination in my mind. Voil
à! This dress would be matched perfectly when I'm dressed up with my sparklingly pearl necklace as seen in the photo. This, no doubt, helps to make me feel so good:)

Now. About how to make this gorgeous piece of art:

It is small pieces of quilted art. They are really made of fabric. They must be no longer than 4''X6'' and no thicker than 1/8'' if to be mailed using stamps. Following the power of your imagination and creativity, it's possible -if desired- to flat any embellishments on it such as appliqué, beading, photo transferring, stitching, fused, painted etc. So, we call this kind of art as ''Fabric (or Fiber) Postcard.'' It is also used to raise money for several occasions and sales of fiber postcards goes to help for the people who in need. The trend shows that the interest in fiber postcards is ever growing. You need more information and view some more Fiber Postcard samples? Then visit here.

Thanks for making my day, Joyce. I'm sure that heaven works in mysterious ways:)

''A single rose can be my garden...
a single friend, my world.''

Leo Buscaglia

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