Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flow To The Soul

I am ever fascinated by the culture and folk music of Greece (Ελλάς = Hellas). As I' ve studied music for six-years long -optional lesson besides my maths and science classes- in the high-school, so I have a very good ear for music quality:) I was in the chorus and performing as soprano. Good musical ear and good musical sensitivity have carried me through the years till today:)

Not just any Greek singer she is, but Haris Alexiou combines seamlessly different cultures with her remarkable voice: a successfull synthesis of yesterday and today, east and west.

Haris, born in Izmir
(historically an ancient Greek City Smyrna); that's the third most populous City and largest port after Istanbul. She has got a big fame also in Turkey and given many concerts with famous Turkish pop singers.

She has accomplished a perfect balance between
folk music (dhimotica) and oriental urban music (smyrneika). She is singing everything from traditional, popular folk songs (laika and rembetika), ballads, modern songs, modern folks (endechna).

This is one of cd's that I got of Haris Alexiou: Sour Cherry&Bitter Orange, that is recorded in the ''old-fashioned'' way. My favorite picks from her CD are the traditional Northern Greek sound of ''Irtha xana'', lyrical ballad ''Isos'', bearing the scent of Aegean sea ''Ime sto molo'' and for love ''I mastori''. She is more than I can describe of her singing in words...

If you look for a delight, that casts a nostalgic look back at the past and brings it into present, then you have to hear her
:) She is leading a cultural cross-diversity. She is deep... and always enchanting.

''Music and rhythm find their way
into the secret places
of the soul
Plato (428 BC-348 BC)

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