Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Piece of Passion

La Collezione Autunno
2005-2006, Paris

Are you crazy about haute couture? Fashion is your cup of tea?

As for myself, I am always but ''all-ways'' amazed by Italian brands in fashion world such as Prada wallets, Gucci bags, Dolce&Gabbana belts, Armani night dresses and so on... You know, the money spent on clothes is astounding. The prices in the store windows are extremely high. Always. However, there is one interesting fact about the Italian brand that is: the more expensive the item in the window, the faster it sells.

Let me list now a few reasons that I think how it goes to be such a powerful creative force in the making of a prestigious international brand:

1) Everyone wants to be seen wearing the item that all their friends have already seen advertised.

2) Men, women, children can not take their eyes off.

3) The price also denotes the value.

4) It is an Italian trademark.

Lets investigate on where it comes the reputation of the Italian fashion...

Not only Italian style, but they export also italian culture, skill and professionalism, becoming a universal synonym of originality, beauty and creativity. Finally, it becomes a symbol of a competitive and highly successful industrial model all over the world.

Today I found myself thinking on this topic upon reading an article about Valentino (find the rest of the news here).


Valentino Celemente Ludovico Garavani, best known as Valentino. We cannot talk about Valentino without the traditional Valentino Red, which is my favorite as well. See following design is Valentino, nothing can be compared with it:)

He announced his officially retirement yesterday. It says that the designer hosted a glorious three-day extravaganza in Rome celebrating his 45th anniversary during couture in July. He will organize a ready to wear show in Paris this coming October and then complete his legendary couture career in January 2008.

I captured very interesting notes from his statement as follows, here Valentino went to say:

1) I've been very lucky to be able to do what I have loved all my life.

2) Even as a young boy, my passion was to design.

3) My future will be filled with new interests and challenges.

4) I've a strong desire to create and to support institutions to promote the study of fashion design and preserve the history of the art of fashion.

I think above is enough clear how Valentino changed the fashion world behind the catwalks. It is nice that he leaves the party when it is still full but we will miss him. Arrivederci Valentino!

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  1. Hem feminen hem elegant hem de Valentino...bence Haute couture duayeni olarak bilinen en iyi modacilardan birisi Valentino..