Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sleepless Night

I'm not talking about the Never-Sleeping World City, New York:) But I would like to take your attention on the Eternal City, Rome -that's my numero uno place:) Because Rome will stay up all night. It should not be easy to come alive for an active City like Rome starting from 8am this morning until 8am the next morning. Wait... wait, there is an important reason:)

The greatest monument of
ancient Rome,
inagurated by Titus in 80 A.D.

Rome becomes an Open City with a festive celebration known as ''Notte Bianca'' (English: White Night).

È arrivata La Notte Bianca. The Notte Bianca returns with its 5th edition this year in Rome. In the heat of the night, you can be overwhelmed by a mix of different cultures and traditions of all over the world in Rome from the centre to the suburbs. An all-night festival of the Roman spirit, the performing arts, concerts, delicious food and wines, even a concert of church bells, music and light shows, theatre, circus and fireworks. The world in one night, and you will not spend a cent! Free to attend for all. Ah... just another perfect time to be in Rome:)

Now it's worth to booting up for the Notte Bianca..

The success of the Notte Bianca has enjoyed in Paris as its first edition Nuit Blanche in 2002. After that, many European capitals and large cities started to organise their own Notte Bianca based on Parisian model. This year in 2007, six capital cities (Paris, Rome, Riga, Brussels, Madrid and Bucarest) will be organising this event. The Notte Bianca is held each year between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, and lasting one whole night. In order to protect the nature and environment against to rapidly global climate change, it's a great opportunity with this event for promoting ''low-polluting'' forms of mobility: bicycles, trams and public transport in general, river boats.

My wish is that this privileged network of event to be organised in the various European capitals
extending to Istanbul, too, (it's the art&culture capital of Turkey although officially capital city is Ankara) and hopes to join forces with the objective of enriching a collective participation.

''Va dove ti porta il cuore''
Susanna Tamaro, Italian Author

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