Friday, October 19, 2007

Changing Fortunes?

tyThere is a Facebook madness nowadays in the world. The rapidly growing social networking service. Do you think that it let us be choosier about the friends? Facebook is changing the fortunes? Maybe Facebook will be the last thing in everything social on the Net? Many questions in my mind about it... Jump right in reading this interesting article from Business Week.

Source: Cartoon by Dave Walker


  1. ICQ,IRC,MSN ve simdi de Facebook Internet'in gozde "Sanal" iletisim merkezi olma yolunda.Avantaji eski arkadaslara ulasma, nostalji yasama..dezavantaji herseyin "SANAL" is a sample status from Facebook :[Mr X is a fish in a dish]

  2. @ Bengi: Gercekten hos bir durum ornegi:)) Yazimi ''dogru'' anlamis olman benim icin daha sevindirici, tesekkurler Sis:)

  3. Nihal, you are writing too much, on too interesting subjects, with too much flavour and style :-) I simply cannot keep the pace!
    I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I'm enjoying very much your blog. And you, keep up writing!

  4. ciao, bel blog, vorrei fare uno scambio link

  5. @ Alexandra: So funny:)) Seems that you cannot keep the pace;) Believe it I'm speedy one. Sorry, cannot move in slow steps;) In the meantime, thanks a lot for your nice comments, I feel myself again like spoiled child:) Love&Hugs.

    @Gianluca: Benvenuto:) Si, si, tu puoi. Anch'io faro con il tuo. A presto, vorrei visitare tuo blog. Ci vediamo, ciao.