Tuesday, October 23, 2007



While a store-bought jewelry is very nice, it is especially unique to make your own creative handmade jewelry. Jewelry is something important that help us to dress up any outfit, and effects directly our style and look. How they look my beads above? They are like candy, aren't they? Now, look at this long necklace on me, how is it?

Jewelry design is one of my hobbies. Handmade beaded jewelry has got lots of fun for me. More important is that the idea of creating something designed is a great feeling. A fabulous gift for my friends and my family are sure to appreciate.

When designing a piece, I concentrate on the effects of different colors and their blending to each other together. It's a kind of harmoniously journey when a new design concept is forming in my mind. Whatever my design, adding my personal touch helps me to make it special product. The more pieces I create, the more my designs become better.
Also it gives me an opportunity to see where my creativity goes on:) If I find some free time from daily routine, I like to be busy with this hobby because I find peace in it as it requires creativity and a little patience as well:)

The designer: me Following line made up of beads, shells and semiprecious stones, that all of which are inspired by myself. Personally, I love gold, diamond and freshwater pearls. Gold-and-pearl jewelries are always my liking; however when designing, I enjoy using different varieties of stones and other materials like fabrics, metals as seen in the photos. My frugal designs cost only for $40 or less.

So- these are kind of cute right? And they are light and easy to wear. I believe that jewelry should match your mood more than your customes. When I'm in a good humor, I wear a big ring and bright things. If I'm in a negative humor -that's not so often, but most of the time very cheerful personality I've got-, I prefer to wear only earrings, simple ones.

Every jewelry design reflects athentic, historical and cultural
traces. Here are a few interesting gorgeous Turkish handmade jewelries, taken from the Jewelry Design Book called Taki Tasarimi Teknikleri by F.Kurkcuoglu and N. Sarisoy for your review:

Wear what you like. Like what you wear.


  1. My goodness you are very talented. They are beautiful!

  2. Those are so beautiful. Everyone is not a creative as you are. I know that I am not. I love them, connie from Texas

  3. I particularly like the one you made with the somewhat chunky turquoise beads.

    It was enjoyable to look at some of the more traditional pieces as well.


  4. I very much like the jewelry you make Nihal !

  5. are these all your designs, nihal?? they are just beautiful. i just love the first one and the pearls with golden curly in-lays. the colorful designs are perfect for summer, decorating a sun tanned skin...

  6. Wonderful creations, Nihal. I like very much the colors. Is there some beauty in what you are not talented?
    It is a pleasure to come and visit you:).
    Hugs, Sma

  7. @ Sma: So cool:) You're indeed special one, and pleased to meet you here! Anything I'm not talented into? Of course, there is but not too many:) In sum, I've got the roots from Balkans -my mom side. As you know, Balkan women are known to be talented women, and also having art capacities:) Maybe this is the reason who knows... ((Hugs))

  8. merhaba nihal hanım
    İngilizce bişi yazmak garip geldi ama yabancılar anlayamıcak ama napalım
    gerçekten çok güzel yaptıklarınız çok güzel olmuş.. takı benim özel ilgi alanım.. sizi bulduğuma da sevindim ii bi blog sevgilerimle

  9. @ Iz: Isminiz cok ilginc diye baslasam once;) Ne kadar ilginc geldi bana turkce bir yorum bulunca, neden bu kadar iyi mi saklandim diye dusunuyordum kendimce:) Saka bir tarafa, yabancilarin anlamasi icin ingilizce jurnal olusturmadim. Ayrica arada bir turkce yorumlar gelse de, hicbir yabanci okuyucum rahatsiz degil, emin olun. Dikkat ettiyseniz sag tarafta, burada 5-dil uzerinden bana not/yorum birakabilirsiniz. Turkce de bunlardan biri tabiki:) Sizin siteye de gozattim, enteresan! Benden coook ilerdesiniz, eh ben sadece hobi amacli ilgileniyorum, kreatif olmak bana en keyif veren yani. Onumuzdeki gunlerde daha baska yeni calismalarimi da sunacagim burda, gene gelin OK? Sevgiler.

  10. Oh Nihal these are beautiful........you are very talented with colours also.......

  11. From Mike .... to Donna:
    THANK YOU so much for your nice comments left here on my design works:)I really did not expect to hear such good words. Made my day absolutely.

    @ Mike - Connie: Yeap, it is so. I have magic hands:) While designing I feel myself freely and creative one. Kinda great feeling that I do not understand how time passes quickly.

    @ Annelies - Marita: These all are my products. I think to show my other designs here in the months to come, as they are also neat! Pls do not forget to check out my page. Met vriendelijke groet:)

    @ Donna: Thanks a lot.