Saturday, October 06, 2007

Royalty Art

You know the saying: You can never be too rich or too thin. I added my own coda: -You can never be a Princess or a King;)

Do you like to get dressed up? I love looking good, but I try not to wear things that make me self-conscious. I can't stand to spend $3,000 on a jacket or three hours on hair.

It seems to me that the purpose of clothes is to give you confidence, so that you can forget about what you look like. If you are constantly worried about whether your clothes are right or wrong, or say if anyone's noticing on yours, you ain't really in the game.

I love that style where you look dressed up but never like you tried too hard -exception the social cases-. I like the idea of a certain classic consistency. My wardrobe is tasteful, yet practical which reflects my personal style: sensibility.

I am enraptured! Look, there are some awesome crowns.

Wedding crowns, in the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches, are placed on the heads of the bride and groom at weddings. Gorgeous! I love them a lot. Many little girls desire to have princess decorations for their bedroom -me, too, have wanted it for many times from my mom when I was a little girl-:) Because nothing makes a little girl feels more special than wearing a jeweled princess crown.

Now, which crown you to get? Not only Ladies, but welcome also the picks of the men. Needless to get being bashful or feeling bored, as I'm very curious to see your selection, your favorite the most. Try it, let me know:)

Remember: What's showing is your style!


  1. I'll take number SIX!

    But i have to admit, i am a little more casual :)

  2. I prefer Number 4. It is so vivid and majestic!! and plus RED, I love it..

  3. Ne kadar guzel bunlar boyle, Nihalcigim... Iyi bilirsin ben de bunlarin tutkunuyum, aynen senin gibi. Tercihim 6 numaradan yana, son derece asil ve elegant. Sonucu merakla bekliyorum, sevgiler.

  4. i think royals should clearly consider the times we're living in. for sure no longer the middle ages. for centuries and many generations their royal expenses are payed by hard working tax payers, this free support dating from ancient times should no longer exsist. my advice; get a real life, working for it yourself!

    i love hats but no match for me here, nihal!

  5. Thanks for visiting, look forward to hearing from you again. Its interesting to see your photos too.

  6. I'd like to be younger and to chose nr. 1, or, to be more courageous for nr. 3. May be in a special day I'll chose nr. 6, but now, as I want to be very original and steady I chose nr 8.
    Thank you Nihal for this post :). It was a pleasure to play as I'll be a princess.
    Have a nice week!
    XX, Sma

  7. For myself I would prefer number seven, but I must confess that I never wear hats. I don't have the face for it.

  8. ciao
    Thanks for your comment on my blog romedailyphoto
    I love your blog too!!!
    see u soon in Rome

  9. Number one is my choice, mainly because I love the colors. I admit it would probably languish in the back of my closet as I can't think of a single occasion where I would wear it.


  10. First off, thank you so much to each one of you that kindly did let me know your preferences about the Crown I presented.
    If you wonder my choise, I'd get the number 1, like Darla:) On the other hand, number 6 has also got two votes:)
    The Result is: number 1 vs number 6.
    Remaining are voted mostly one-by-one. I hope you enjoyed with this funny stuff.

    @ Marita: Merci for your royal thinkings, though I was focused on those ''art-work'' crowns (because more than a hat) in the Royalty Family:) Be honest Marita, who could say ''No'' to be Cyndrella for one day? As for myself, I'd love to be a daily Princess and then back to my normal routine:)

    @ Dave: Nice to see you here, welcome to my home:)

    @ Smaranda: Loved your choices on occasion base, enjoy:)

    @ Joe: Benvenuto alla casa mia:) Grazie per visitarmi.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I do have to update the most-liked crown -upon Asteraki's participation:
    My blog-friends Photographer of Athens, Asteraki and also my mother all go to choose number6.
    The winner is number6!

    @ Asteraki: You're most welcome:) Ah..wish I could understand some greek language:( Yours seem such an interesting blog, but I cannot read though. To learn greek is in my wish-list, hopefully one day soon. Come again here with your valuable comments, OK?

  12. yes number 6-what do we win dear?

  13. @ Photographer Athens: I organized a Press Meeting on Oct8th. Waited too long for both you and Asteraki, but nonone arrived:( Followed up the meeting with a fizzy Champagne:) So-nothing could be better than making public the results w/the winners:) I wish you could attend it... Anyway, efcharisto for your participation, Kalispera:)