Tuesday, November 27, 2007


A house full of memories...

Especially older ones, ooze character, and often have charming nooks, quaint moldings and delightful architectural touches. Don't let those sway you too much?

On the street where I live there are neat and modern beautiful houses. Across the street stands a dilapidated old house. I ever questioned whether it was abandoned or not. Or was it another case of someone living in deplorable conditions? I am really not sure. This old house is almost two hundred years old! The house and its garden is very neglected and we never see any people there. There is a point of entry but I'm just not feeling that adventurous, brrr! And I like the old house best of all those on the street, whether by sunshine or by moonlight. Because I could imagine the street as it was in the old days, with the steps, projecting the windows and pointed to the tulips and pansies in the garden. Yes, to me that is indeed a house worth to looking at!

Seeing it today to be terribly lonely breaks my heart! Look, the shots I did speak for themselves.

The neighboring houses are mostly renovated and beautifully decorated, so my hope is that someone will take over this house and retrieve the things before it's too late.

I think that there are many roads left to travel, and plenty of already-discovered houses that need not to be forgotten!


  1. There is something about abandoned houses that draws me to them. I always want to know their story. The ghosts of the past whisper to me.


  2. the ancient house looks truly fascinating, full of memories of glorious days gone by, filled with laughters and sadness of family life.
    i surely deserves to regain it's former splendour but i'm afraid it will certainly cost a fortune to restore it's spirit again.

  3. Here I am, hahahaha

    It looks really good for an "exploration" but also very fragile.
    Is it still there?