Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soul and Art

Is there anything more beautiful than a Chinese landscape, with soft mountain-tops hidden in the clouds?

Or, can there be anything more delicate than a Chinese tea and its preparation?

For sure, there can still be one thing. Without reason, breathtaking Chinese acrobatics has to be seen to be believed:)

China is universally acknowledged as the ''King-dom of Acrobatics'', as an ancient art which it is also said that first took root in the Zhou Dynasty (256-11 BC).

The China National Acrobatics Troupe, China Soul, proudly staged of their latest show called ''Spectacular Acrobatics'' in Istanbul as started on Nov 23rd till today Dec 2nd. The acrobats belong to the high-level China Acrobatis Troupe, the largest of its kind in the country, and possibly the world. The number of gold prizes won by Chinese athletes over the centuries is almost beyond counting. The show combines elements of embrace dancing, Chinese opera and martial arts with acrobatics.

Breathtakingly stunning
China's wonderland of Acrobatics
brings out
the authentic styles of Chinese art.

Source: Chinese Writing
I'm fair fluent in Japanese language both advanced writing and speaking skills, and Chinese characters are used in the Japanese form of writing. However traditional Chinese language is completely different one that I'm not familiar with it. Above Chinese term literally means ''Soul'' with traditional pronounce as ''ling'', which I searched on the internet.


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  2. Those acrobatics are truely amazing. I can see it has had an impact on you.