Monday, January 21, 2008

Exciting Times

Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

Yes, it does. When the distance (or absence) is there, the heart grows fonder because you no longer have a situation you can take for granted. You feel what you miss a lot more while it was gone.

It can be one of the most enriching things that you can do. It makes you reflect on the good things you've got. It makes you appreciate. I think that things are best determined from a distance and a time of absence:) So I agree to the cliché as there is a truth in ''You don't miss your water until your well runs dry.''

And sometimes I just get the same feeling with my interactive connections, namely your write-ups, your blogs that I read regularly. Leaving the blogging work for a while and then coming back to it with a passion makes me realize how much I missed it. This is something about 'you' and 'my favorite journals' that go away.

Because... this is You! A way to give people a sense of who YOU are. The personal brand of you and your own identity! It's something near and dear to my heart, and noone can replace it, because you constantly strive to make your personal brand valuable to us! If you're offering a value I will come back and care about you with stronger and bigger feelings than the past. If it was in a relationship, we would check the situation in order to see our chances. Maybe we would stop things and look for another possibilities to fill.

I think that distance can make the heart grow fonder, or make an ending for a relationship. Absolutely that is a two-way street to everywhere. A kind of two-way test called good communication. I'd name it loyalty.

YES, absence makes the heart more focused and more fortified.

If you're not failing every now & again,
it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.
by Woody Allen


  1. hello there nihal!!
    happy you're back again.
    i agree with you... home is where the heart is!
    how was your holiday?? looking forward hearing more from you!

  2. It is good to hear from you again Nihal !!

  3. Marhaba, welcome back, Nihal!
    Thanks for stopping by after returning. How was your trip? I am looking forward to reading about it i your blog.

    PS. I did not know you look like that :) (Under "a big smiling hello"). You must have done some great shopping for clothes.

  4. Just tell to those who wonder about me.. Everything is fine, and I am putting the things in order after the vacation. I started to pen but it takes some time. If it's me then you know tons of things to tell/share:) Hope all of you had some relaxing days during the holidays. Stay tuned pleez:)

    @ Marita & Annelies: I'm also happy to see you again. (( Warm hugs for you both ))

    @ Hyderabad: Merhaba to you, too:) So cool, started studying Turkish, LOL;) Nope. Not only in Italy but in the rest of EU everything but 'everything' is based on EURO, and I did not make great shopping. Even though I was there for the big sales discount days, I preferred to spend my money for cultural activities like museums, concerts, and also travel inside, some books, delicious italian food:) More to come soon...

  5. Happy to find you are back Nihal. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

    I've been wearing my special earrings a lot!


  6. @ Darla: So nice to see you again here, my dear friend. I'm so pleased to hear that you liked my little pieces and wear them. You know having stayed in Italy fueled my creativity naturally:) and get ready for my suprises in this year;) Rite now I go back to my homework, ie my travel notes... With love.