Friday, January 25, 2008

Glow of Youth

According to a survey carried out by Turkish Board of Statistics, Turkey's population as of Dec 31, 2007 stood at 70.5 million (exactly 70,586,256). Turkey's population includes both citizens and non-citizens living in Turkey.

The survey shows the following results:

(1) Turkey's population grew by 4.1% since 2000.

(2) 70.5% of Turkey's population live in cities while 29.6% have their homes in villages and rural areas.

(3) The urban population is 49.7 million and while that in rural areas and villages is 20.8 million.

(4) Of the total population; 17.8% amounting to 12,573,836 lives in Turkey's most populous city Istanbul. Most populated provinces are ...

Capital Ankara with 4,466,756 (6.3%)
Izmir with 3,739,353 (5.3%)
Bursa with 2,439,876 (3.5%)
Adana with 2,006,650 (2.8%)

(5) A real young and dynamic nation! The half of population is below age 28.3 in Turkey and younger than the average. Average age of the population was calculated as 28.3 years. The average age for men is 27.7 years while for women it is 28.8 years. 26.4% are younger than 14 while 7.1% are older than 65.

(6) The majority of the population, 66.5% is between the ages of 15 and 64, considered the working population.

(7) The male population is 35,376,533 male and the female population is 35,209,723 in Turkey.

(8) The number of persons per square kilometer in Turkey is 92. Istanbul has the highest population density with 2,420 persons, mamma mia;)

(9) There are 98,064 registered foreigners living in Turkey, 0.14%. The first five provinces which have high foreigner population are...

Istanbul (42,228)
Bursa (11,495)
Ankara (7,166)
Izmir (6,707)
Antalya (6,343)

I had expected the population to be a bit higher, around 75 million or so. So this new figure made me enough smiley one:) I'm rather pleased about the population of Istanbul I live, that stands at 12,5 million by today that is also a lower figure than my expectation to be circa 15-16 million. It can sometimes be funny turning out to be wrong;)

Wikipedia database says that population of Rome by december 2006 is only 2,705,603 million. In other words;
Istanbul = 4.6 X Rome by the population.

Coming from a really crowded City like Istanbul, it felt like paradise in Rome during my vacation:)

There is a fountain of youth:
it is your mind,
your talents,
the creativity you bring in your life and
the lives of people you love.
by Sophia Loren, Italian actress


  1. I know what you mean when you said it felt like paradise on your vacation coming from a crowded city! Interesting statistics you have posted.

    I have given you the YMMD (you made my day) award because I learn so much from your blog.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that I watched a movie called Pascali's Island when you were on vacation. It reminded me about your blog although I think things would be so much different now than what they have in the movie.

  3. @ Hyderabad: WoW! Great news if I am awarded with your YMMD award:) Where is it, I can not see;)
    Joking beside, THANK YOU so much for your kind expression, my dear friend. You know it is our differences make us unique, our talents that foster friendships. Certainly, strong relationships are built with thoughtful communications:)

    Pascali's Island? A movie reminded my journal? Wow, is it? I'm very curious, and let me check it out as I've been terribly far from which movies are on vision in Istanbul.