Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green


Colors everywhere...

Colors make our world beautiful in many ways. Nature, food, clothing, drawings, art... The list is endless:) It is important to emphasize colors in our daily lives as they stimulate our imagination, and delight our sense of sight.

And, multi colored Spring flowers are enough to warm up my imaginations every Spring:) Greens of spring are everywhere now in Istanbul. Leaves are bursting on the trees. The flowers are just blooming so fast that I cannot even get enough to catch them photographing;)

Since the time changed earlier this month, a quick transfer in to Spring for us, the sun was again rising when I headed to the Park last weekend on Sunday. It is where I take morning/afternoon walks. Captured the beauty of Spring in several squares as seen below. I felt the warmth of the sun. Hues of green in many shades. Then walking in the beach, looking for the sea
-even making my summer plans;)-, multi colored violets, baby tulips that all are blooming, weeping willow, flowering beautiful plum blossoms and trees (see below), nice.

In short: the Spring! Maybe more than the Spring, just the Summer:)

Now allow me to guide you through my home, down to the Park, en-route to the some of fine points you might want to join me by walking, then down to the beach, later getting back to home:


  1. Thank you for so many beautiful, colourful pictures !

  2. Hi Nihal!!!

    Oh such beautiful photos! I especially love that little shed that's painted in "patchwork"!

  3. merhaba nihal :-)

    i believe the shadow photo is taken in the evening ... so lemme guess your height

    ermmm ... i think 5 feet 5 inches

    actually i was hoping, women at that height suit my 5' 9"


  4. HI there!!!!
    Thanks for visiting me this morning. I had a busy day but I did read this post earlier today! :)
    I love the "more than shoes" in your sidebar.!
    I too, have a blue Turkish Evil Eye bead on my keychain!!! I love it!!!
    I would love love love to visit your country! I think I will.
    Oh! I am into Spring mode now after seeing your lovely photos.

  5. Thanks for the walk Nihal,I enjoyed it and the flowers are lovely!
    Now ,i´m getting into a springtime mood although we are experiencing a windy and cold weather down here till week end.

    Have a nice day!!


  6. What a lovely walk with you. It looks as if you live in the heart of the city. Spring has certainly arrived in your neighborhood and I can't wait for it to arrive in mine.


  7. @ Monica: How nice to see you again here in Istanbul;) Yeap, you're right that little shed painted in 'patchwork' got my attention as well, then quickly photographed thinking it might be interesting. Come often to Istanbul, dear...

    @ Azer: Merhaba, nasilsin;) No, no, I took all the pix during my afternoon walk, not in the evening as you guessed:)
    Hey do you use US customary/imperial units like feet-inches in Malaysia, yes? Interesting. We use metric system. Well, let me see: I am 5 feet 7 inches tall (=170cm) w/out shoes. As I love heels, so I become ~ 175cm :)

    @ Gillian: Like you, I too like shoes if 'more' than they are:) Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite fashion designers. His collection for Spring/Summer 2008 is worth to see, I advice you to visit his www.
    Woooow.. is it? Having a Turkish Evil Eye Bead? Great! I am sure you'd feel yourself at home as it seems you're pretty close to our customs and traditions:) We wait for you Gillian, remember we are OPEN for EVERYONE.

  8. WoW...some very beautifully captured shots...simply love the beauty of the spring..

    I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.