Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be A Happy Bug!

What a divinely way to start my morning with friends!

Having read so lovely wishes and submissions, it's been another great week for me, and seem to multiply itself each day:) A million miles away from here take me easily to find a place for you and me, in another time in another place...

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, pick a piece of favorite dessert, chat with you and enjoy the Spring at a House in the roses... Am I very dreamy;)

Yes, dreams. Dreams take me to another place and time that I could feel free. Because it comes to the point where some of you really works for improving the quality of life. At those times, I cannot stop myself thinking and dreaming about good things even though I am getting kinda busy now-a-days;) This looks like being one step closer to you, and I enjoy this feeling:)

Called 'Dessert Carnival', but I think I should re-name it '
The Carnival of Improving Life' because of her contributions:)

Next week 'Dessert Carnival Day' will be up on April 30, Wednesday. Enter Cielo's world to see what she organizes in her rosy-like beautiful life.

It sounds to me like something that would curl your toes;) My stomach growled with hunger pains when I am invited to the Dessert Carnival Party by Cielo as the start-up photos were so inviting at her page.

Do yourself a favor and check out not only the recipes on Carnival Day, but the blogs themselves as I think all of us will be amazed and pleased at the wide variety of bloggers who are submitting recipes -from one to the other side of the spectrum. No doubt, a warm welcome will be awaiting us among nice roses at Cielo's:)

If you have some fabulous recipes of your own, why don't you share and submit them for next week's Dessert Carnival?

I think that watching which foods you eat can make a difference. Be a part of Coming Up Roses. Not though to be a Happy Bug:)

Three best to have in plenty
-sunshine, wisdom and generosity.

Irish Triad


  1. merhaba nihal,

    Happy Earth Day :-)

  2. @ Azer: Hey merhaba Azer:) N'aber? I thought you had lost the way to my blog, LOL:)
    In celebration of our beloved Earth, thanks a lot, I just wish the same in this part of the world. Mother earth appears to be well protected;)