Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coast Awhile

Coordinates 40º 58' 42" N / 29º 02' 12º E

Panorama, Kalamis Marina

There are currently 22 operational marinas in Turkey. The marina chain of fine-tuned by the private sector with its six marinas along the Turkish coasts consists of Kalamis, Ayvalik, Cesme, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Finike, that all of them have got the International symbol of the Blue Flag which means the care and sensitivity about the environment.

The largest marina of this chain is Kalamis Marina located o
n the Asian side of the City, that is one of most beautiful bays of Istanbul. It's only walking distance from my home. One of my favorite places to be, undefinable passion for me! All of the sailing and marine activities here become a very different pleasure around the Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmara, because Bosphorus is the most complex and attractive track for races and sailing in the world!

Kalamis Marina accomodates private yachts upto max 6.5m depth in both covered and uncovered berths with laid moorings. Its capacity for 1,120 boats.
If you too love the Marina way of life like me, now let's go to the greatest meeting of ''land and sea'' near my home, the yacht harbor of Kalamis Marina:

As you can see in these photos above I took last weekend, here at Kalamis Marina we have all the aminities one would expect from a first class marina. Marina is full of fun things to do -taking a walking tour along the flower-filled walkaways, friendly shopkeepers who offer the best in Marina Brasserie with foods, entertainment, and restaurants, dance bars, cafés, and fashion-stores as well, see below. It's even possible to rent a bicycle/boat to explore the Kalamis peninsula.

The open seas have no borders. I like to get my own course and go my own way. In other words, when I am at sea, -let me dream for a while...:)- in my yacht, that is what you have: Freedom, total freedom:)

One day I would like to be there, having my yacht, to completely absorb how wonderful such an experience can be...

One day I hope...


  1. I am a huge fan of sailing, from my days in San Francisco. Beautiful photos of amazing yachts. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Will be back to visit you again! Tara at Paris Parfait.

  2. What a beautiful marina. We too live withing walking distance from a marina, ours is the Berkeley Marina in the San Francisco Bay. It is a joy to spend time there.


  3. Beautiful blog! I always wanted to go to Turkey... is that where you live????

    Thank you for stopping by my house in the roses the other day... if you have time, come back again for we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!


  4. ciao carissima Nihal......ma queste foto sono fatte da te????
    sono posti bellissimi e se li visiti tu sei molto fortunata....
    ti abbraccio bea.

  5. ti aspetto per la passeggiata a Sant'Antioco!!!!!!!

  6. @ Tara: How nice to see you here, and merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire. Ca me fait trop plaisir.

    @ Darla: Exactly! Not a joy, a passion for me:)

    @ Cielo: Nice to having your visit and thanks for the kind comment you’ve left here:)
    Yes, it's where I come from. I live in ''Monaco'' of Istanbul:)
    Your dessert carnival seems like interesting, and I'll try to join if I can find a piece of time from my work schedule, all yours noted:)

    @ Beatrice: Perché non vieni a trovarmi? Si, sono fatte da me tutte le foto. Come i pensiori hai con Istambul che non lo so, ma certo c'é la dolce vita qui:)