Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In Our Hands

A picture of you
A different sort of writing
Finger prints
Non the same
All different
Life changes
Imagine a life story
In your hands.
poem by Sarah McGreevy

Hands, the giving hands is an extention of our charity which revolves around creating and spreading awareness on matters pertaining to well, solidarity, volunteerism and helping.

-Besoin d'un serieux coup de main-

As we know, often money is raised through the generosity of people who hold and organise fund raising events. However right now there is such an event that requires only a Hand.
The goal is to get as many hands as possible to compose a a big fresco in order to serve for helping a friend in need.

I think many people can support this project called ''Needing A Hand'' by giving a Hand so that we can continue to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Coming together with the help of y'all, it would be also nice to demonstrate that the virtuality of our friendship relation is based on the reality of our friendship.

Very simple. All you need to do is as follows:

1) Take a piece of fabric, a material or a color that reminds of you.
2) Feel free of yourself for the selection of fabric quality. It can be new, or used, what counts is to understand this Project, to pa
rticipate and the pleasure for making this possible.
3) On the backside of the fabric trace the contour of your hand (right or left which you like to)
4) Cut leaving from 5 upto 8cm to your arm.

5) Do not embroider, do not embellish on the hand.
6) Attach seperately a note writing with your name and country.
7) Now ready to send your hand with the note to Frederique, here is the address:

Mme Frederique Boulogne
3 Bis Rue de La Liberte

F-67114 Eschau - France

If you think I entered this year with less scraps than before, you would be very mistaken;) I do not know how it happens but scraps never decrease, they keep regenerating;) A great way to use up your leftovers for this Project as I do:)

As seen above, I picked a piece of traditional Turkish fabric from my stash. It's a piece of gabardine, which is used for night-dresses as well as home-deco. I enjoyed on it immensely with its so lovely bright colors and motifs. My left hand resulting from the combination of my favorite color mainly gold on a sweet pink background with my favorite leaf image:)
While making my Hand, I felt myself happy being among people who share the love of helping, and enjoying the pleasure of life. So I gave my Hand:)

For a serene and wonderful world, JOIN US to reflect all these beautiful emotions and thoughts, and hoping to see many more participants.
Do not miss to visit Frederique because she'll be posting an update the list of received hands on her blog. For the whole point of entry, my appreciation for Linda as I spotted it there, that's how I am into this Helping Project. Thank you Linda for sharing the news in your corner.

It reminds me a very well-known Turkish proverb:

''One hand does not clap. Two hands do.''

Turkish: Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var.


  1. NIHAL!!! cool one this post, so informative, where did you get your inspiration to post so many different things!! you're awesome :)

  2. should i see a hand that can take me out of average, i'll take it


  3. @ Kate: Not a top secret;) Let me see now..
    I respect that everyone has a different outlook, but clearly I have different interests and motivations than the average individual. I'm always looking to try something new, and very open person to learning in my life. I've the skill and the will, but my will is always stronger than my skill. Do you believe me that 'will' finds inspiration in the dozens of success in life. Briefly, I am 'Nihal' who bubbles over with enthusiasm:)
    Thank you for your analysis on me. I found it to be accurate:)