Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's Next?

As you all know we are celebrating a century of innovation. No doubt we are living in the greatest age of innovation and creativity the world has ever known.

Solar enery
is a clean alternative energy source.

A new source of renewable energy
that's good for our planet.
The solar module converts
sunlight into electricity.
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In the last century alone, engineering recorded its grandest accomplishments. The widespread development and distribution of electricity and clean water, automobiles, airplanes, radio and television, spacecrafts, lasers, antibiotics, medical imaging, computers and internet are just
a few of the innovations the decades had introduced all compliments of the world's engineers, so obviously improved every aspect of our life.

The challenges are:

- Make solar energy affordable
- Provide energy from fusion
- Develop carbon sequestration methods
- Manage the nitrogen cycle
- Provide access to clean water
- Restore and improve urban infrastructure
- Advance health informatics
- Engineer better medicines
- Reverse-engineer the brain
- Prevent nuclear terror
- Secure cyberspace
- Enhance virtual reality
- Advance personalized learning
- Engineer the tools for scientific discovery

As remarkable as these engineering achievements are certainly just as many more great challenges and opportunities remain to be realized. It's the genius and the talent of world's engineers have truly transformed the way we live, and will do. While some clear, many others are indistinct, and many more surely lie beyond most of our imaginations.

One of the many benefits of being an engineer is the opportunity to enhance lives and make a difference.
We being engineers help the next generation discover the rewards of our profession engineering. For me, the most rewarding aspect of being an engineer is to know that I'm for solving the problems. I like being on the front line developing new strategies to improve the situation.

Now explore this page to learn which the greatest achievements shaped our century and changed our world.

To my view, converging technologies will improve human performance. As nanotechnology, biotechnology, and cognitive neuroscience advance, the engineers will discover new ways to integrate their findings with the information technology, and give us a deeper sense of what the nature of experimental learning: a real-world science of learning. Why not possible to bring about true change in learning as true transformation in education?

I strongly believe that engineering is opening up vast stores of knowledge, so main path to the future:) Hence, leading engineers and scientists identify advances that could improve Quality of Life around the universe. I just feel proud of...

''Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get.''

by Dale Carnegie


  1. i love your blog!
    great idea that of the sky pictures!
    ...give us some more pictures of the city, one of the most beautiful in the world!!!

  2. @ Indierocker: Smiling Hello for you, and A Big Welcome to my home:) THANKS a million for the compliments, very kind of you indeed. Sure, I’ll try my best to document my personal journey, my dreams ...all the best interests of my native City, and lift it up as I can. I will be rich enough when/if I get nice feedbacks + comments from my readers. So thank-U in advance for your visits on my journal.

    And, how is my eternal City? é gia arrivato primavera? Perchè ho sempre pensato che la primavera a Roma deve essere bellissima.