Saturday, May 03, 2008

*Heart* Today

Life is that there is no secret:)

Just to remind you that there's life beyond passwords and a forest of documents.

Now it's time for me to wake up and smell the coffee,
because another beautiful day
beyond clicks;)


  1. Are those orchids? How beautiful.

    You're right. I need to get up from this computer, and go enjoy the day.

  2. hi true, and that's how life should be, beyond clicks and password :)

  3. @ Bev: It's Pink-flowered Acacia:) We always call it as "akasya". Wish you could see its beautiful in bloom now-a-days. Not only pink we have, white and lilac-flowered stunning view of acacia everywhere here!!!
    Did you know 'a pink acacia' means elegance:)

  4. I've just discovered your blog and I am so happy . I love love love Istanbul . I was there for the end of the year and I had the best time in a city .
    I met there a blogger and that was so much fun . If you go back in my post of begining of January you will see your istanbul through my eyes. I will pass by each day as I want to know what is going on there.
    By the way, your pictures are gorgeous , above all these ones with flowers

  5. @ Mélanie: Smiling Hello from Istanbul, and a Warm Welcome to you:) MERCI MERCI for your visit and beautiful comments you left. I am so pleased that you found the way to my home:)
    I just landed on your journal. I was reading your article ''alla turca'', and... I see 'the amazing Istanbul photos as best as it can be'! It seems like you'd be a perfect co-author working with me on Ist'l, LOL:)
    I wait for your visits in the future as well. Hope you're having a nice day in Provence. With Love.

  6. Absolutely true! Lovely flowers in an unexpected realm.