Saturday, September 13, 2008

Functional Pieces


You know you really love something aesthetic when you can not bear to throw away those little labels and also tags tied to the lovely goodies. This label as seen above is one of that kind. Coming from one of my old shirts, perhaps more than ten years old. I still care about it, not the shirt. Because
I heart these kind of functional pieces, no matter how small or big. They can be something like an exercise bicycle for the mind with the messages they carry on.

If I go to scanning my label, then I see that thinking pink is more than any simple symbol: a synonym of freedom and a philosophy of life. Recalls me not only eternal sunshine of California, but those qualities:

Living such as maximum expression of one's identity without temporary or space limits. In this sense, Yosemite symbolises the meeting point of man and with earth and sky. Anyone who's been to Yosemite -before me? Share yours in comments section. Still it stands on my pink dreams' list:)

A relaxed mind as an instrument of self-awareness to obtain equilibrium with the unpredictable four elements: air-water-earth-fire.

Nature contains all the energy necessary to survive and face any difficulty.

Freedom to think and live life without pre-established boundaries or roles -in nature as well as in the city- with irony and joy has always been ''my motto''.

Great way to think pink if you have a dream,

A way that you can have a big one.

Move away from usual,


Share your free thinking in Pink. Open for everyone. Every Saturday at How Sweet The Sound. Do not forget to visit other Pink Hearts.

My special note:
* This post is dedicated to a kind-hearted friend whom I love, Beverly, promoter for the Pink Saturday event *


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Nihal. And, many thanks for your kind words. I treasure you as a loved friend, too.

    I know some people might think it is funny, but I do think pink is a color of happiness. It does relax my mind - which is something I strive to maintain. I think we have many choices in life; and I choose to be happy.

    I like the tried and true reference of "marching to the beat of a different drummer". Oh that everyone may learn to revel in and celebrate our differences! "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

    Oh, and about Yosemite. I haven't been, but I hope to one day.

  2. It's nice to become acquainted with your blog. It is very interesting.

  3. Very interesting! I need to relax my mind more, it goes a mile a minute! Thanks for a lovely blog!

  4. Hi Nihal! I love your blog! You always post things from such a unique perspective.

    I love the fact that you actually think about something we all pass over day to day - a clothing label - and get a wonderful message from it. Think Pink!

  5. Pink for me is softness and yet light at the same time. I am always attracted to the color. It is somehow peaceful and kind. Please write more as I really enjoy reading your concepts of pink. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love your post and thoughts.
    Have a Happy and Bless Pink Saturday!

  7. Happiness and pink go hand in hand. I have an OLD pink stained shirt that I grab every time I am needing some "down" time. Happy Pinky

  8. I like the labels. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Hi Nihal! Gracias por tu visita!!
    I was working today!
    I just beginning to visit the pink blogs..
    Think Pink! yes, I think is a our life.

    Besitos from Argentina!!

  10. Hi Pinkie! Love that you cherish your pink shirt and kept the tag. That is pretty cool. I look forward to reading more of your Pink Saturday Posts. I am so excited I joined this group. hugs, Ellen

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's so nice to meet someone from Istanbul. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I like the little quote from Napoleon on your sidebar.

    I have been to Yosemite many times. We lived not far from there for a long time. We went there every summer for a few years to attend a church camp. There are not many places on earth more beautiful - in my opinion. I have lots of great memories from there.

  12. Happy Pink Weekend! I have not been to Yosmite but hope to go someday. For me pink is comfort, Pink is girly, Pink is joyous.

  13. Hello Nihal

    I remember going to Yosemite when I was 19 years old, it was my first time camping and I was a young bride. A bear came and chased us into our van and ate all our food, I cried and wanted to go home. I have never been back and I divorced that guy years ago. But other than that, Yosemite was very pretty!

    Happy belated pink saturday,
    Love, Ann

  14. Nice to meet you...lovely pink post....Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comments. You have a wonderful week....Pink is cheerful,joy,happy,comfort,and exciting. Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen

  15. My 2nd Pink Saturday participation. And, I'm so happy to WelCome 'new' pinkies at my home:

    :: Faith, Patricia, Tricia, Sally, Ellen, Charlotte, Kathy, Katherinellen ::

    In the meantime, I appreciate all of your feedback about Yosemite upon my req. All yours noted. I just wait only for the best time to visit there.