Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ask Apple

Nothing's more playful than Apple..

Apple just knows that there are much better things
to do with our time,
like lie in the sun and sleep.
Or go exploring the world:)

Adorable things that she does...
She is neat, she knows how to relax...

Oh, and a cat elegance!

Man: Why do you sleep so much?
Apple: To dream.

Man: What do you dream about?
Apple: My lover.

Man: Tom, the neighborhood cat?
Apple: It was love at first sight.

Man: You were just staring at each other through the window.
Apple: I'll never forget.

Man: What do you know about love?
Apple: I was a mother four times.

Man: Pure instinct.
Apple: I remember.

by Ben Gieske -July 12, 2008

As they are on a higher level of existence, I just can't stop thinking what a nicer world this would be if it were controlled by cats:)

Thank you, Ebru!
A dear friend of mine made a major contribution with her Apple for this article.


  1. Nihal, you gave me a smile today with this post.

    And, that cat is gorgeous. I'll give some thoughts to a cat ruler. ;-)

  2. Cute kitty :D

  3. That kitty is sooooo cute! Pretty little post and wonderful poem!

  4. The kitty is so cute. Makes me want to have a kitten but my husband is allergic to cats. I'll just enjoy the photos of Apple instead. :-)

  5. What a pretty kitty. She makes you smile.

  6. What a cutie, a cat's life is not so bad (not always).

  7. This was the post I wanted to leave a comment on and my computer would cooperate. Apple is so cute! What a wonderful cat Ebru has!