Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall Romance?

When there is LOVE there is LIFE.
by Gandhi

Bagdat Avenue, Anatolian part of the City

Life can be interrupted at any time. In an unexpected moment we can be thrown a curve that we'd never, ever anticipated. Gas prices, rising unemployment ratio, airline schedules, bankruptcy of prestigious investment banks, floods and hurricanes, global recession, small and big wars...

Can you tell me what do you do when you can't really change fate? You live. You become aware. And you don't waste a moment.
Even ongoing world financial crisis can't keep us away from love. It was fun to capture trend live and in person as seen above:)

Yesterday it was a great super sunny day to just take deep breaths and let it all out. I was wandering around on Bagdat Avenue where's I live close by, and enjoying the summer-like fall weather while sipping my coffee.

How is your Thursday shaping up? Are you letting the love pour in?

Today marking Mamatha Gandhi's 139th birth anniversary.


  1. The love in my life is one of my greatest blessings. I treasure it.

    Are you feeling the love, too?

  2. I like to watch people too. Especially lovers. They make everything happy and hopeful.

  3. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with the ladies at my church as we planned activities for the coming year. When we were finished we all remarked how well we all get along and what joy we have when we are together. I think that joy comes when you love someone or know that you are loved in return. One doesn't even have to speak to be able to understand love and joy. :-) At our church a carillion plays hymns at noon and 6:00 p.m. from the steeple. I love the sound of music. When we were in Antalya, I broke my wrist while we were there and I had to stay in our hotel room to recuperate for a couple of days and I grew to love the sound of the prayers in the city and watching the music and folk dancing on TV. In spite of my wrist we still had a wonderful time. I'm glad I found your blog because I love being reminded of that time. :-)