Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Earthy Feel

Remember these from when you were a kid, can you tell?

As soon as fall knocks the door I find myself thinking about how getting the house decorated for the fall and also holidays coming closer...

While many thoughts and ideas fly freely on my mind, I love most the idea of taking something natural or nature-inspired and seeing my hands what creating so completely unexpected.

Just because there is always something about simple but trés chic in natural decorating that works especially well during Noel. I
just pull out the pinecones and start there. Leaving them so natural for fall decorating, and over-saturated with glitz for the holidays...

Sometimes a quick walk can bring big reward:)


  1. Remember these? I never forgot, there are a lot of them in the forest here and I go there almost every week.

  2. Our Mt. House is right in the middle of a pine forest so I spend a lot of time picking up cones and sweeping needles. I still love them in decorations tho.


  3. Where we live there are a lot of native pines - they're a terrible fire hazard, but beautiful. They have huge cones - now you've made me remember I should collect them.

  4. I am rather partial to lots of nature in my decor as well!

  5. I agree, simlple things have the most touching kind of beauty!

  6. Hi Nihal:
    Just outside our shop, are 2 pine trees, and when I take Otto out for his "walk", I always seem to see just the "most perfect cone". My window sill is lined with my "perfects" as is the entry window. Sweet husband asks me if they are really necessary, OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!
    Happy major autumn time to you. On my way to look for a marble tree now, (or some such variation)!
    hugs, Bonnie

  7. I love pinecones! I picked up three lovely ones that are "perfect" like Bonnies and are sitting on my kitchen window sill, too. :-) I have a box of large pinecones that I keep thinking I will make into a simple wreath and never get to it. Perhaps the time has come to do just that. Now to find the time to actually do it. So many lovely things to do and never time for all of them!!