Saturday, December 20, 2008

MACRO Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Here are a few great links from the web, news and reasons why I want to stay at home especially today:

(1) Gray skies. Not as nice here, with rain forecasted, a chance of 85 percent. Cooler than yesterday.

(2) Geometry never lies. I love it! It's interestingly possible to measure his feeling, her thought, our emotion and your dreams if you go with geo=earth, metria=measure

(3) Red always Red. Show your heart, dress red and place any red object where you live/work. As it's got some great selections for homes and lifestyle, I bought this lovely red bowl from Mudo Concept *

(4) What is the quote that describes you and your the life? Ella Fitzgerald's quite fitting for my life:) ''Don't give up trying to do what you are really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration I don't think you can ever go wrong.''

(5) There's nothing wrong with wishful thinking. Nine times out of ten, my wishes upon stars are going for world peace. An interesting architecture, different from those in Istanbul. Mosque in Hong Kong, built in 1890.

(6) I've never seen like these before! The Cyprus-born artist's intricate cut-paper artwork is a kind of wildly romantic imagination. Be warned, you'll be amazed. Jump in Ryan's painstakingly beautiful works of art

(7) Ladies'... what things are really rocking your 'Holidays and New Year Eve' shopping world these days? I like on-line shopping as it's economic and really good discounts available while year ending. Today I'll have to place my order because I'm so crazy for chic night dresses at Elf&E *

(8) Santa Santa is comming... Brotherhood, love, tolerance, peace and benevolence all of these humanistic values are symbolized by Noel Baba
as we Turks call, and were diffused by him in the 4th century from Anatolia, mainland of the country, to the rest of the world. Besides ours, there is also a heritage of culture and history in Turkey which belongs to the world. For more read my post about St Nicholas; born in Patara, a Lykian neigborhood city of Myra in the southwest. 'Tis the season to give gifts, spread festive cheer to those less fortunate than ourself. I think you'll enjoy this Noel Baba song in Turkish:

(9) I love, love, love designs that empower the creative w
orld, if from Philip Toledano

(10) Do you pay for lunch? But I don't;) Here's my best free lunch, this two, Condé for my travel passion and Google for my explore passion:)

May be you've already tried those top three winners:
. Mykonos (Greece) 76.1 pts
.. Capri 73 pts and
... Sicily 72.1 pts (Italia)

A new one emerges to tempt you: Bozcaada is the 4th winner with 71.0 pts, swooped into the poll for the first time! Condé Nast Traveller anounced the results of its 2008 Readers' Choice Awards in Nov issue, ranking the Europe Islands. 32,633 readers voted in many categories. Posted a short time ago, read Bottled Love: Bozcaada -if you're a new reader at CrossRoads. Many, many THANKS for this superrrr deserved result! As stated well Turkey is the Med's best value without the Euro -for now!

(11) View vs Read. Are you really reading or more like viewing?
Visually wonderful, working with world's most recognizable brands, check out Istanbulian NYC resident Hulya Kolabas photography

Cinema in, tv out? No. For me, tv in:) The concert of tonight will cost me 0 cent because one of my, my, my all-time favorites rapper 50 Cent in Ist'l! He'll participate in a live programme (Show TV - Time: 8:00 PM), and I'm so crazy happy... Oh music! I CAN'T go one day without it, a very important element of my life.

(13) How I love pompoms everywhere:) Will I be able to wear my long-waited long suéde boots this season as it gives no signal of snowing here? I see awesome views under white blanket just like upperhalf of USA Seattle, Idaho, Oregon, and also Nederland, Norway, Italia that they get snow. I wish some snow here in Istanbul, per favore...


  1. We don't have any snow here in the South either Nihal. In fact, it has been quite warm and muggy this week. I am going to a brunch at the new home of a friend of my daughter this morning. I will also pick up some more scrapbook paper at the local craft store. I'm making a book for my daughter in law for Christmas and I don't have everything I need. Then it will be back home to work work work. I have lots to do before Christmas.

  2. Those links look great. I must coma beck and look at them again.
    The sky is grey here too, no rain at the moment but a bit in the evening maybe.

  3. Interesting post, I did a post on Santa Claus In Different Cultures that matches one of your points. I see that you have looked at more aspects of Christmas than I did!

  4. @ Cindy: It really opens things up when you're looking at wide angle. That's my way:) I'm going to read your article. Tks for yr lovely note, hope to see you again here:)