Saturday, March 14, 2009

La Femme Romantique

A first.

Maybe odd, but I wanted to make an interview by myself:)

When was the last time you did ironing? Last day. Honestly I dislike housework

Your favorite things in breakfast? This mini simit, a circular bread covered in sesame seeds, is heaven when pair it with some soft labne cheese, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Beyaz Firin made me addicted on its freshly baked simits as well as other food!

How is your mood today? Pretty relaxed! It's super lovely outside, despite some rain. Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be on the island to take my first ride of the season. For a fresh break from the city, I like going to the Prince Islands, in particular Buyukada (meaning Big Island) by ferry and rent a bike, tour around the island, collect my energy and then indulge in its excellent seafood, salads and meze in the evening time. So quiet, charming and picturesque the Island by itself, and the most importantly, no car no traffic lights. Wait me, officially less than ten-days for bike season.

What's your urgent need? Oh my goodness! My heart did such a flip when I saw this gorgeous Maya-style sandals by Méchante (of London); designed in Aegean blues and combined with our traditional Blue evil eye beads on it, could you see them on the photo? They could protect me from the feet;) Loved very much! Delicately feminine! View its Spring/Summer 2009 collection for more Mediterranean soul. It's what I'll need when using bike:)

What's your weakness? Discount sales. And if GAP, oh I can't say no. This e-letter which I received last week fueled me. For pants, bermudas, shorts... offers 30% off from Mar 6 to 16th. I have to hurry up, as only 2-days left behind. With my Maya-style sandals, a GAP bermuda would be pretty nice and reason of comfort when going to bike:)

What's your dream? To fly and feel light;) I don't wear dresses but this lovely blue shirts created by Bershka are enough to make me wish, I did. Don't wait, you'll find a flying spirit and lovely Spring advices when looking thru Bershka collection. I can't enough, its shirts waiting for me to buy. As you guess well, I am about to complete my outfit for a bike tour:) Sandals, pants and shirts all is found.

What's your goal this evening? Well. After having worked on the www world all week long, now stressing less, spending more time doing the things I love. The perfect excuse is... is... is to eat some tartlets! From my favorite Beyaz Firin, kiwi tarts. A perfect match for a perfect Saturday's afternoon time..

What's your favorite plant? Tulips, Tulips, Tulips! The trees just began to tease with an early show of blossoms;) And, mark your agenda: the Int'l Istanbul Tulip Festival will pervade the City by the first week of April! Very soon. Part and parcel of Istanbul for its dazzling colors and beauties will greet us in the magical way..

What's your words of wisdom to live by? Everything comes to you when you are ready. And, to receive you must give first:) A few days ago I met a new product: liquor with cream and Turkish coffee from Hare Likör. If you are liking Baileys, then I'd highly recommend this. I put it in both my coffee and tiramisu. Result? It's one of most beautiful after dinner liquors I have given to my guests:)


I had the delightful opportunity to ask Nihal a few questions about her life and hope you found her answers as inspiring as I do:)


  1. hey, where did you get this hare? i see the ads everywhere, but just cant find anywhere around me.

  2. Looks like you'll be very fashionable on that bike ride you have planned.


  3. @ Super Hero: Welcome to my page:) Used to buy Hare products at Airport. Now it's available in stores. FYI, I bought it at Carrefour. A friend said me it's also on sale in Migros. Btw, I didn't say here but White Chocolate Mocha Coffee is another delicious one. And, I started to a new collection: Hare bottles. Did you know bottles are award-winning ones? So lovely, worth to keep.

  4. thanx for the tip and thanx for the welcome :) i will check the migros in my town more regularly.

  5. Bu aksam HAREleneyim biraz :)) efkarlandim ;)

  6. Oh thanks for the interview, I like it. I hope your bike ride will be great. Maybe I should do an interview by myself too!!!!

  7. Nihal,
    I like the interview of you. Very clever!! Those sandals in Aegean blue are exquisite. Spring seems to have arrived here in Minnesota so soon the sandals and shorts will appear here, too. Never quite the warmth and the sun of your part of the world though. Oh to be able to get on a plane and just fly off to Istanbul!!! One can dream!

  8. Well, I certainly would love those blue sandals!!

    And the simit sandwich is making me hungry.

  9. Hello Nihal, now that was very did you know what to ask *wink* haha :D
    Love that sandal! and hey, who likes ironing or housework but seems like that's my duties during weekend and lots of cooking, which I like. I look forward to more of such interview and that food...please feed me when I am there ;p

  10. Lovely interview! Not so much pressure when you interview yourself!

    I have an award for you on today's post - stop by!

  11. Dear Nihal,

    I like very much your self-interview! It shows once again how much you're full of life, optimistic, positive and joyful!

    So you're addicted to Beyaz Fırın like me! :-) Living in Moda, I frequent the old Beyaz Fırın in Kadıköy market. I haven’t heard of Hare Likör, it must be delicious (miam miam!), I’ll buy it!



  12. mini simit seem delicious

  13. This is such a fun post! That sesame roll looks great. Well, anything with sesame is good.
    I just saw your other comment. Loofa soap dishes--great idea.
    Most people here have gone over to synthetic scrubbers. You hardly ever see loofas for sale. That's why I was so excited to take their picture.

  14. What an interesting varied life you lead. the simit looks very appealing. I'll agree with the sandals along with everyone else.

  15. @ Müge: Yeap, mine is such unfavorable addiction when I think of summer;) I frequent to the BF branches in Ciftehavuzlar or in Erenkoy. Hope they open a store in my region Goztepe, too:)

    @ Imhkki: Welcome to my journal:)

    @ Marla: Benvenuto nel mio blog:) Mille grazie per la tua notizia. Spero di vederti presto.