Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Endless Arms?

A super hot summer-like morning here and Maria's long, expressive arms... Yes, it will be a perfect evening. Having this feel from now on:)

Called as Sonsuz Kollu Dansçı (English: Dancer with endless arms) Maria began dancing at four in her native Seville, and became one of the leading innovators in the development and redefinition of Modern Flamenco.

Pretty excited to meet this major Spanish force this eve at 8:00pm in CRR Concert Hall

What about you? Do you have any plan to go to in the evening?


  1. Good morning Nahil!
    86 in Istanbul? Today it shall hit 89 in Texas. Do you have any humidity?
    How exciting to have the opportunity meet Maria with the Endless Arms!! My father played Flamenco Guitar, it's because of him, that I know about the Flamenco. I have never heard of Maria before. Thank you for the introduction.

    For us? This weekend a dinner dance at the upstairs of our little and dear Carnagie Library to raise money in it's honor. Each table must come up with a centerpiece that revolves around a book. We have chosen book about the sea, ie:
    Gift from the Sea, Old man and the Sea, Johnathon Livingston Seagul, etc. Our group is building a sand~ castle for the focal point.

    Thank you for dropping by. You always brighten my day!

  2. Oh my! You said flamenco?! I missed watching some flamenco! I love it! One of my favorite flamenco guitarists is Paco de Lucia! I'd like to listen to him at the Acik Hava again!

    This weekend we're planning to go see some movies: Star Trek and Angels & Demons!

    Last weekend it was a stage comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare for us! This was my first time to see a Shakespearean play in English language and I enjoyed it immensely! But maybe this was because of it being staged in present time just like Baz Luhrmann's Romeo&Juliet (Leo di Caprio's)! It was quite a modernized interpretation of the play and we discovered some very talented young actors of the Oklahoma University Theater!

  3. Years ago I saw the flamenco performed. It was fantastic, colorful and exciting.

  4. I would love to go and a dancer with Endless Arms..would be very exciting to watch. Alas, I can only dream. What am I doing today evening, same boring stuff unfortunately...nothing exciting..yet :P

  5. We will be watching a hockey game this evening. They are in the playoffs, and they must win tonight - or they will be out.

    Go Hurricanes!!!

  6. It was fantastic, colorful and exciting. thanks for sharing......

  7. Adoro il flamenco, danza fantastica!!Buon fine settimana da una Torino con pioggia.

  8. Hi Nihal!

    Stop by my blog if you have the chance, there's a little something for you there!

    (now in a hurry, but i'll be back later to read properly and comment)

    Have a very nice day! Seeya!

  9. I love flamenco too!

    (*dashes out of the room, but will be back tonight*) LOL

  10. You must have seen Maria Pagés already, and i hope you enjoyed her 'Flamenco Republic' performance.

    What can I say? I'm not impartial here, I'm Spanish, hahaha.

    Flamenco is a sensual and expressive dance of passion. We have it in our blood, I guess. ;)

    Big hug, Nihal. Enjoy the weekend.

  11. Ciao cara, grazie per le belle parole lasciate sull'isola, anch'io credo che bisogna essere più fratelli e sorelle, ti auguro un buon sabato:-)

  12. @ Constance: Summer weather in Ist'l is both hot and rather humid, with an average humidity of 73% while the winters are considerably cooler and rather wet at times.

    FYI, the max that has been recorded is 41'C (105.8 'F)

    @ Leni: Aah.. you are so sweet Leni. A thousand thanks to you for this Noblesse Oblige award! This is so exciting. But the best part for me though is all the people I "meet" from all over the world, so unique as much as you:) Much LoVe.