Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Way With Words

This post is about the crisis and the people.

According to a recently published report by a Research Co., people categorized into 5-groups:

1. People less affected by the crisis.

2. People see opportunity in crisis.

3. People are reluctant because of the crisis.

4. People think the financial crisis is more of a concern than global warming, and want fundamental reforms in the capitalist system.

5. Losers.

Called and asked to them. Following words and phrases have been selected by each people in above groups with using it so often to reflect their state of mind:

1st Group People: to buy, to admire, property, reputation, bravery, trade, perfection, greed, rate, devilment, war, to attack, weapon, motherland, discipline...

2nd Group People: kindness, women, blue, volunteer, to build, foreigner, change, mystique, help, inventor, effort, challenge, enormous, enthusiastic...

3rd Group People: to laugh, to caress, humour, music, patience, betrayal, adventurer, desert, small town, humble, to fancy, wall, labyrinth...

4th Group People: art, river, bohemian, secret, water, complexity, to break ties, education, doubt, ambition, magnificent, to produce, strange, power, ruling, determination...

5th Group People: to treat, family, faith, precaution, to save, to fantasize, humanity, free-of-charge, flowers, to protect, to hold...

True, it's not that easy. But these are results you can think and try to see your own way. It kind of puts a whole meaning to "be all you can be", doesn't it?

Well, I ask you with my encouragement to consider these words. Then tell me if you fit into any of groups on the list above. You could even let me know if any word(s) missing but you are to rather use.


  1. Hi Nihal!

    I'm definitely a group three person: reluctant because of the crisis (expecting it will pass soon!).

    And I love the words por 3rd group too: to laugh, to caress, humour, music, patience, betrayal, adventurer, desert, small town, humble, to fancy, wall, labyrinth...

    I would add: offers, giggles and

    XXX (that's for you, ;)

  2. I hesitate between group 2 and 3 which is strange because it seems contrary to be reluctand and to see opportunity at the same time. 'Change' is my favourite, and I miss 'green' with all the different meanings of the word.

  3. I think I'm mostly in group 2 - volunteer, help,to build, challenge, enthiusiastic stand out for me.Thanks for the challenge ( to identify!!)!

  4. Nihal, I think I am in each group and in none of them at the same time. I mean some right words for me are in each of the 5 groups.
    Have a nice day!

  5. I can't really say exactly which group I belong to, probably a mix between some...I know, complicated person I am - I think, see I don't even know myself haha!! love/meryem

  6. Buona giornata, Nicole, da una Torino in movimento :-)
    Caro saluto

  7. Me neither, I can’t say which group I belong to because there are words matching my situation in each of the five groups. Financially, I think I’m not deeply affected by the crisis (but my friends lost their job, that’s terrible especially when you have small kids) however I’m reluctant because of the crisis.

  8. Where had you disappered to, Nihal???!!! For some odd reason, my comments have been swallowed up and your posts don't appear on my reader... Blog mysteries. Anyway, it's good to see you're up and blogging,. And about very sensitive topics! i'm rushing off to work, but I'll get back to this conversation this evening. Ciao