Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Are HERE Because...

I can't think of a better city than here to spend as much time walking is possible. There is some obvious reasons for me to say this except to say it's pretty hard not to click on here and not find something interesting to look at here, and in most cases be inspired by:)

If you're like me..
If you've a laptop..
If you merrily live in the clouds..
If you're pretty much guaranteed to yield productivity from getting this page..


If you've a minute, this should only take A SECOND!

CrossRoads is a nominee in the category of Most Inspiring Blog. Please click on the above blue coupon, or check out the BlogLuxe Nominees for more useful information that will be helpful while you placing your vote. Oh don't forget, voting will remain open until Jul 6th if y
ou like to vote for your favorite Women bloggers for a 2009 BlogLuxe Award.

It really looks like you could use a little time on your hands to vote for the reading stuff in eye-to-heart corners as a daily exploration used to abound:) Thank you from now on your never-end-ing interest to come and visit and read here. Without you, what could I do here?


  1. I voted, I voted. And, you are always a winner in my book.

  2. Nihal, I've just voted for your nice blog!

  3. oh, I'll go have a peek..definitely voting for you my good friend