Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking At Kelebek

+ someone not only singing...

Ajda, the most well-known icon of the Turkish pop music, seems like so proud as new singers come and ask her how to and what to wear. "Also I became a Fashion Icon." she said.

+ someone prefers her home, just being by herself...

Promising Turkish actress, beautiful and warmhearted Doğa Rutkay, newly left her boyfriend after a 4-year long relationship. "I missed a lot staying alone." she said. "I don't need his friendship anymore." added. She's both strong and alone;)

+ someone loves to pamper her two littles...

Noella, imported model from the US, draws attention. Captured last day while touring in Bebek beach on the European side. She was not alone, but with her three cute doggies, carefully placed in her Louis Vuitton handbag. Oh yeah, an expensive taking care:)

+ someone liked Istanbul nights...

One of Turkish professional football teams, and me too a proud fan of, Galatasaray appointed Dutch technical director Frank Rijkaard. He was seen in Istanbul nights with Stephanie, that he divorced from his wife for her, a nanny.

+ someone goes for shopping with her daughter...

Mothers, fathers.. everyone is pleased. Nicole Kidman's 1-yr-old sweet Sunday Rose and Tom Cruise's 3-yr-old Suri. Parents seem like respectful about the clothes decision of their kids(!) that they do by themselves. The age of shopping decreased to 1, wow:)

+ someone manages the money and beauty so successfully...

I liked this clever message very much:"Evlendikten sonra değişmeyin (English: Never change even after getting married.)" adviced Elisabetta Gregoraci for the women, who married to Formula1 Boss Flavio Briatore last year. This is the best article I liked reading today, sums up the secret of a successful marriage; one is a millionaire and other is a top model.

I was reading our daily news, and thought it could be interesting to bring a couple of magazine articles from the front page and back page. Yes, I did not major in journalism but thanks to blogging as it defends my spirit of journalism:)

++ Did you go and look up who/what your local paper were talking about? Which news were you interested in today?

Source: You can go to the Kelebek, Hurriyet which has a good account of what is going on more.


  1. Not very interesting over here, Nihal. I prefer to have a look in your blog and focus on the news about formula 1 ex-boss Flavio Briatore (did you know that he has been sacked recently for having ordered Nelson Piquet to crash, in order to win the race? What a scandal!).

    Oh btw, Mrs Briatore is gorgeous!


  2. What an interesting post! We're having the F1 night race this weekend so there's been lots of coverage on that...not just on the races but the massive jams caused by road closures!
    Singapore's one of the best places to be a celebrity, we don't have any paparazzi here..:)