Friday, September 11, 2009

Resistance to Change


Dreams, aspirations and ideals hardly mean anything if we do not have the freedom to pursue them. Sometimes boredom replaces excitement, and life looses its usual sheen and becomes dull and unbearable. Although we continue to handle our work in the best of the manner enormous effort goes into overcome the feeling of revulsion. Let's get excited and enthusiastic about our dreams and plans, and make the mantra for today: change!

This excitement is like a rose -I can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away though just as the calendar is ticking down on summer, ohh my... more than saying gorgeous! You'll see now how to resist the change.

I've had one day off from my routine, and wanted to watch what's happen
ing in my heaven. It's been so good for me. I enjoyed walking in the Göztepe Park right near my home, and loving to view the blanket of roses; yellowing, reopening, dieing...

Well, lets lock the door and hit the road to the Park. Are you ready:)

Walk, walk, walk along the Bagdat Ave. Pass the traffic lights. Go straight down.

Enter this lovely green passage...

Can you see inside that covering of millions rose roots making such a sunshade for visitors......

The end of passage takes us to the entrance of my Roses heaven.

Still beautiful single roses,

Still beautiful rose groups,

Still makes me appreciate summer here,

As if calling me and saying like 'come kiss me with wilted rose petals...'

What kind of "change"

you experience nowadays in your part of the world?

are they greeting you so beautifully like ours?


  1. What a lovely walk. I'm glad you took me with you. My roses are still very pretty, too. But, autumn is in the air. I can feel it approaching.

    Embracing change is embracing life. It is a good thing.

  2. Nihal, thanks so much for sharing this nice walk in the Göztepe Park: it has cheered me up.
    The sequence of images is really beautiful!
    Happy weekend!

  3. This morning brought us the first rain in along time. A little thunder and lightning came along with it just to get out attention.

    Change of seasons going on here.


  4. I am relieved to learn that neither you nor any of your loved ones were involved in the horrible flash floods that plagued your city in the past few days.
    I helplessly watched the news and the terrifying images of people trapped in their cars or worse- dragged by the forceful current.

    This sunny walk among rosebuds restored the vision of Istanbul to my sore eyes, thank you.