Sunday, November 08, 2009

No. It's Not November.

I can't say that I like to brag.
I can't say that I'm complaining.
I can't say that I feel like being indoors. was a really warm, warm, super warm here (78F/26C) and I took day off as soon as I greeted the morning sun. It was giving a mid-summer feeling to us, Istanbulians. tee-shirt back, bike back, lovers back sharing their love along the seaside, people chase the puppy in the parks, crying flowers as if to say that they want to re-bloom earlier, more and more notes about how we enjoy the sunshine...

}{Early hours of my day started noticing cafés full of people lingering over coffee to,

ending it at home, unwillingly.}{

And all I want is that
the weather stays this way in Istanbul very good. That is what I wished this month for myself, for everyone:) Oh, and yes a plate of mandarin must have awakened my brain cells;)

I knew:

Yes. It's November. I'm thankful. Always.

[Photos] are spotted in districts of Nişantaşı, Kuruçeşme, Bağdat Caddesi, Arnavutköy, Göztepe; touring Asia to Europe.


  1. Not bad at all, have a nice time.

  2. Nihal--Yine guzel kareler yakalamissin. Eline, kamerana saglik. Ozlemle baktim karelere. :)
    Istanbul'da olmayi iple cekiyorum!
    See you...:)

  3. @ Inci: Sehir guzel olunca galiba zevkli fotograflar da kendiliginden ortaya cikiveriyor:) Son 10-gundur harika seyrediyor hava burda. Ozellikle bu haftasonunun hic bitmemesini oyle cok istedim ki,.. ama simdi gene aksam oldu, 8pm. Tahminlere gore onumuzdeki haftasonuna kadar yine bu sekilde devam edecekmisiz, umarim dogru cikar. Seni de ozledim, biraz daha sabret cunku sayili gunlerin kaldi. Yilda 2-kez buraya gelmen o kadar buyuk sans ki senin icin. Size de sicak, mavi dolu bizi aratmayacak kadar guzel bir Pazar diliyorum:)

  4. You have made beautiful photos of the blue vases , is that correct English ??
    Thank you for the big compliment about the heart on my blog !!
    Love from Rini

  5. hi nihal. wow your photos are wonderful. you really get the feel for each place you visit. i love your eye. besos-jane p.s. are you on flickr?

  6. Hello Nihal! This is really a pleasant walk with very fine images, I enjoy them so much.
    Many thanks for your virtual help about the NO TAV. I don't live in the Susa Valley but have travelled especially during the holidays since I was a child that charming valley, which is very green, full of many ancient villages with their old churches, castles, houses, little squares, fountains, lanes. I hope the construction of the TAV will not disfigure that enchanting environment.
    Happy new week!

  7. oh I love the photo's. They're beautiful.I can almost imagine the day.

  8. Gorgeous pictures!
    Love all of the pigeons. :D

  9. @ Jane: Oh sweet of you, muchos gracias for your lovely note. I love your eye, too. No, I'm not on flickr. Many many readers have been asking the same you did since I started blogging, but as I replied them before, I take photos to cheer up my articles. And, this writing experience showed that photography sounds like another hobby of mine. Yes, I could improve my "hidden" skill. I'll have to think about it:)

    @ Catharina, Kari and Jenna: Warm welcome wishes, and thank you for kind comments that each was enough lovely to brighten my day:)