Sunday, December 13, 2009

Enter New Year With Delicacy!

There is something to delight any lady on your gift this year:)

pearl basket . harem . fall leave . chintemani

I just picked these four pieces from my sister's cute very little e-shop carrying a wonderful array of
handmade jeweleries. From telkari to delicate Iznik tileware.. from beautiful Turkish pendant necklaces to earrings, all lovingly made by hand.

If you did not hear before, in Turkish ''telkari'', or literally known filiegree, is an art of excellence made from pure silver which is 92,5% silver ore. It's said that Silver filigree artwork is originated from Egypt and Mesopotamia, then spread out into Turkey and other parts of Asia. Art of the wireworks is to make only silver or gold jewelery.

To make it; firstly silver is melted, p
oured into a mold to produce thin rods a millimetres in diameter which are drawn into wires. Once the wire is ready then craftsman creates the planned design to be handmade, requiring great skill and patience. Like a piece of lace... silver takes gorgeous form as easily seen in this article thru my photos.

Besides telkari, two hands never stop to produce ''Iznik tiles'', too.

Dating back thousands of years, world famous well-known Iznik tile i
s combined by a certain mix of white clay and pulverized quartz crystal. This art is being revived by only Iznik artists in so nice colors and unique motifs -mostly floral- which once used to decorate Ottoman maison and palaces as well as mosques.

Last week I was contacted by a jewelery artist in Canada. She started making a foreword how fell in love with the Istanbul when she was visiting in 2007. Then, continued to tell that she makes jewelery and want to incorporate telkari pieces into her work. I confirmed her it sounds such a great idea: a combination of telkari pendant with precious stones and beads, address of delicacy that must be!

According to her request, I made an offer of pendants and earrings she's interested in.
Mrs D. picked twelve items including pendants, earrings and also Iznik tile pendants. Above ones are a part of her selection for your view.

PS- Be from abroad or Turkey, in case you are interested in these one-of-a-kind handmade pieces please do not hesitate to contact me further models and prices. Thank you!

Not- İster Türkiye'den ister yurtdışından olun, herhangi birine veya daha başka modellere ilgi duyuyorsanız benimle temasa geçiniz lütfen, teşekkürler!

No need to remind,
giving gift is the way to show off your love
for the ones you keep in your heart.

Do not be afraid of spending for quality and,
if it's handmade:)


  1. they are beautiful! and thank you for reminding us of all the work that goes into each piece. besos!

  2. The first necklace is my favorite, but they are all beautiful. Anyone would make a wonderful gift.

  3. All wonderful pieces and very well photographed too!
    Happy new week, Nihal!

  4. Beautiful,I've never heard of "Telkari" before, it looks nice too.

  5. Hai delle creazioni bellissime!!Il medaglione col fiore è stupendo, ma anchje gli altri..Ti mando un abbraccio da una Torino sottozero..freddo brrrrrr e lì?