Friday, March 12, 2010

Dome Of Styled Gemstone


I think nothing is more cherished than the promise of...

religious spiritual,

long lasting friendship,


and love ever after.

It takes only a moment for us to make any promise but difficult times start how to express and seal our promise?

If you love Vintage Promise rings like me, you will adore my beautifully crafted ring! My new jewelry is giving off a whiff of vintage yet still managing to look perfectly modern. Best of its qualities, it is nobly look but rest is continuously a heartbeat flowing over my hand. A 2 carat CZ is in the center, and item is between a pair of baguettes and small round cut stones. I'm so impressed with its quality and brilliance! White gold rhodium bond promises all the romance and love I could ever wish for. Oh beyond words! Stunning from all angles as seen in my photos.

I think it is perfect for any occasion whether an engagement, anniversary or for a great right hand fashion ring!
Absolutely gorgeous for a life more hopeful, fulfilled and beauteous one. Be sure to visit LuShae Jewelry to find the jewelry of your dreams --pendants, earrings, rings all available online--, or even buy the same of my ring.

What would life be without promises? I can not think about it.


  1. Dear Nihal... you know hat Marylin Monroe said: "Diamonds -and the like, I'd add- are a girl's best friends".

    Your ring looks absolutely beautiful and worthy of the best promise.

  2. Fantastic rings of great promises, I like the fine images too. As you rightly say, promises are essential. But, sometimes I think of the promises of our politicians...! ;-)
    Have a beautiful weekend, Nihal!

  3. Nihal, it's so true the public saying of your country on the politics! I think it's almost a universal saying! :-)
    Now I'm going to see the movie "Rebecca" by Alfred Hitchcock (year 1940!).
    Happy new week!

  4. Ah, Nihal, I love jewelry and now I must tell you the story of my ring from Turkey. On that trip to Turkey that we made in 1998 .. business for my husband but also to celebrate our anniversary....we spent several days wandering around villages and sites near Antalya. While in the village of Kemer/Antalya we paused to look in the window of a shop called Diva Gold and I saw a lovely ring in the window display. My husband is not particularly sentimental but I needed a new wedding band as my one from 1968 had worn through. I said maybe he should buy me that lovely ring in the window. So he said..let's go in and see.....and he bought it for me. It was such a lovely ring and we even took photos as the sales man fitted the ring to my finger. I wore it for six years and then one cold night while I was on my way to a meeting, the ring slipped from my finger and was never found. We searched the three places where I had stopped prior to the meeting, but no ring. I hated to tell my husband, I had lost the ring but I did and his answer.....well, I guess we will have to go to Turkey to buy you a new one! So.......someday, I may return and if I do, I hope to meet you.
    By the way, I like Pietro's movie choice....Rebecca is one of my favorites. :-)