Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Japanese Sun Came In

Thursday (tomorrow) through Sunday my schedule is:

Mar 18~19
A Turkish-Japanese joint symposium for "Carbon materials for Today and Future". Organized by Istanbul Technical University and Isik University, to be held at Maslak Campus, Istanbul Technical Univ. Carbon has been the friendliest material in many activities of humankind over several millennia, including industrial applications of automotive, aerospace, steel, construction, chemistry etc. Visit here

Mar 19~20
Japan's Kageboushi Theather will present famous shadow puppet show, "Tale of Princess Kaguya" (a.k.a. Taketori Monogatari, or Kaguya hime no Monogatari) as a part of Year Japan in Turkey series of cultural events. It's considered as Japan's first and most beloved fairy tale. To be staged at CKM in Caddebostan (on Asian side).

My private japanese classes will continue. I am a part-time japanese teacher, and have been managing my weekend classes in parallel with my worklife for a long long time. Rarely I can give it up depending on my busyness at work.


I will be paying close attention to dates, timelines and my daily obligations but I will think more about
the outside Spring sun shining strongly, really warm air, and tulip shoppers in front of street florists:)


See you again in the beginning of next week...


  1. Dear Nihal I wish you success all activities,I was read blogs article with very plesurely,best wishes and regards,stay well.

  2. Well, you don't have to feel bored.
    Today the temp. was 10 degr. here so it felt a little bit like spring. lol.

  3. Nihal, you are very busy, with so many activities. I didn't know you are a japanese teacher, this is really interesting: so you know the "mysterious" ideograms, don't you?
    I wish you a splendid weekend :-)

  4. WOW Nihal, you're a Japanese teacher too? My goodness me, you're so clever!

    I tried to learn but gave up after one year and decided to devote my efforts to learn German.

    I hope you enjoy these busy days and can try some delicious sushi and sashimi in this beautiful beginning of spring!

    Hugs and love!

  5. What wonderful adventures you have in store. Don't forget to buy yourself a bunch of tulips. I'm going to do that today.


  6. hello nihal -- yes, you are so busy! your blog is so interesting! (o: i want to thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog last saturday & leaving a comment. (o: i hope you have a great weekend!

  7. @ Sarah: Firstly sorry for my late return, I'm so glad to hear from you:) Huge thanks for your compliments & all my best.