Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wind May Occasionally Impel You

.. to glance up at the sky, where minarets and domes float. That is the typical silhouette of my city!

When looking at the Istanbul skies, I see the real magnificence itself, saying like the time before me, the time after me, and the time that belongs to my being. These circles in the air not a space of time flowing from the past to future but of a time being scattered directly to all time directions in a continuous flux.

Followed by the construction of the corollaries of the great domed mosques in City Bursa,
Istanbul becomes a 'city of domes' and,

a 'city of minarets'

Some of the mosques are ordinary... some are nondescript structures..

But the church of Hagia Sophia (below) served as model for many of the Ottoman mosques! All of the breathtaking mosques are constructed after the conquest in 1453. And, Byzantium's monumental architectural structure the Hagia Sophia is converted into a mosque as well (below).

Truly monumental in their nature, most of the mosques have been built during time of Sinan, 16th century architect and engineer.
One of his pupils designed the early 17th century Blue Mosque Sultanahmet. Because of the famous blue Iznik tiles covered inside (see below), it is called with this name. It's considered the last great building of classical Ottoman architecture!

Masterbuilder great architect Sinan went beyond the ordinary in his designs and structural solutions. He produced thought-provoking structures which evoke admiration even today! Achieved a perfect synthesis of function and aesthetic in all buildings he designed, and must be regarded not as an architect but as an artist as well.

I know, every architect wants to present a piece of magnificent work of art. Architect Sinan signed Istanbul with so many gorgeous works beyond my words, my articles.

Multi-faced Istanbul still has to offer in the architectural meaning such as Bosphorus side mansions (dates back to 15th century), rising modern and boxy apartments, art nouveau buildings,...

Overall, Istanbul as described the crossroads of two continents, is a big metropolis with an imperial history, natural itself, architectural magnificence.

"Show me the typical architecture from your town series" is the theme of this week's corner view. Find, learn, get influenced more right here

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  2. This is wonderful. I loved it.

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  4. Wonderful photos of minarets in your amazing city! One reason to look up while walking in the streets of Istanbul!

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