Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes, When Coco Travels

-日本 ¨japan¨

"I made a small trip to Shimoguri. A very small lovely village. The road going to the village was narrow and twisty. I suffered while reaching the area but fascinated with nature and really beautiful place with the view of Akaishi Mountains (or Minami Alps). There is interesting heroism story about this village... About 800 yrs ago, Genji and Heike, two force groups fought to each other. Finally Genji won against Heike, and Heike soldiers escaped into several mountain regions throughout
日本. Here's Shimoguri; it's said to be one of it. As you see it's located in a real deep mountain and isolated area with full of folklore. "


my parrot friend in japan


  1. Have a nice trip,we wait other investigations and reviews.Greetings from homeland.Stay well.

  2. @ IU: Hahaa funny:) Coco was traveling; not me:) Coco lives in Japan, and often takes trips with his owner, of course:)

  3. You have lovely friend.

    Thanks so much for visiting to my blogs!

  4. Okonomi-yaki wa sukidasu ka?

  5. @ Nobu-san he: ようこそ。 ええ, かわいいですね。:)

    Hiroshima ni ittara okonomi-yaki o tabeta koto ga arimasu, daisuki desu. Osaka no okonomi-yaki mo aru to kiite mada tabemasen deshita. Okonomi-yaki to iu no wa chotto nihon no pizza deshou ne.


  6. Coco is so nice! The last photo reminds me of my mountains.
    Have a pleasant evening, Nihal :-)