Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From Cappadocian Kingdom

Back to the 12th of August, Thursday morning...

When I return back to my cave hotel after a special day celebration never to be forgotten, I had the story of the dream that was realised. I am wondering whose dream was interesting while sipping your coffee or tea on the next morning?

Once I see this amazing part of the world, I got the feeling that I never want to leave. And quickly sat down on the ground, cried, said "My God, how and when you created this region? Just fantastic! The most wonderful part of the world should be right here."

It was like a splendid dream to gently float over the countryside in complete harmony with my surroundings. The deep canyons and lush fertile valleys of the region provided me and my friends with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable days, gentle winds carried us over the places that could never be reached nowhere else can be found!

Following up my holidaying in Bodrum, I reorganized and flied to Kayseri in the middle of Anatolia. For a new travel to a tremendous treasure of historical and archeological sites. I am back from the spectacular four-th
ousand year of legend! It also gave me an opportunity to celebrate my birthday in the Cappadocian Kingdom. My friends all from Milano and I, we had a great time together and made above photo for you:)

Thanks to my sweet friends Emma and Marco, Cristina and Luca that each one of them contributed their best efforts to make my day particularly unrivalled. Now both couple are in Antalya, continueing their vacation
on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern of Turkey, enjoying the sun and sea to the full during Ferragosto until the end of current month.

Twin fairy chimneys -east Uchisar

-Photos can be enlarged.


  1. What a glorious sunset. Belated Happy Birthday.

  2. @ Linda: Oh thanks a lot for the wish, ((un forte abbraccio)).

  3. Here's to a splendid new year! (it's never too late for that, is it?)

    What are those chimneys, are they termite hills? Interesting photo's.

  4. The sunset photo is stunning. Do you ever enlarge and frame your photos? They are so vivid that they are like art.

  5. @ Thyme: Aaaw so kind and sweet of you, cara♥ Yes yes, it's never too late, appreciate very much until my next one in 2011:)
    As for those "unusual" chimneys, one of the world's top wonders is Cappadocia. I'll talk about it till I drop:) Follow me.

    @ Sandi: I'd like to do so but our apartment is like an art gallery. There are lots of so lovely paintings that decorate the walls.

    By the way, thanks so much for your nice comments on my photos♥ I made them with love! Brings a joy and delight. They are my way of showing how beautiful the world is -not only my living zone, and how lucky I feel to live in it:)

    Do tell me please now, which photo/s you like the most and your preferred size? I will make it printed and send off your way.

  6. if I wasn't already excited enough about visiting your country. These are fabulous photos and mouth-watering descriptions. This area is especially on our list and probably our first stop after Antalya. Thanks!!!!

  7. @ Zany: Oh more than feeling pleased to see your first stepping in this country via@my little corner:) YES, YES, you'll see how I am true after visiting the amazing Cappadocia. Looking forward impatiently to meet you in Ist'l:) Much Love~