Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hallmark Of A Moment


Saturday. Nov 6, 2010. In mid of autumn, a sudden wave of hot summer weather. In Istanbul. Asian zone.
On a tree branch, the girl is seeing two love birds rubbing beaks. Dreams and creative awareness are also on the rise. She is happily dancing in front of her window from 6am to 6pm. Remains alert just around the corner. High in clean skies. Message: renewed passion:)


  1. Nihal, it's beautiful to see the increasing light till 12am and then the decreasing light till 6pm.
    I agree with you about the sameness and stereotyped wishes/subjects, but I think they are unavoidable things, don't you think so? The life itself is a bit repetitive from many aspects. I think it's impossible for us, in spite of our goodwill, to be always "new".
    Yadnus Yppah :-)

  2. We are also having a wave of warm weather here in Minnesota. It was 63 degrees today and warm enough that it called for ice cream at Toody's Sweets downtown. :-)

  3. Very interesting interpretation of your autumn day at Istanbul. My very first impression was that of a (former) TV test pattern... ;-)

    Have a great week, Nihal!

  4. Dear Nihal,weather very warm nowadays,I hope will continue for a while this hot weather.I m sure temperature will descant normal degrees in future time.Have a nice week and job.Best wishes.

  5. @ Pietro: No, no. I think they are NOT unavoidable things:) As long as you wish to create a "valuable content", you can:) Let me ask, do you go with the same meal every evening:)

    @ Sandi: Icecream in november? Why not:) Wish I was at Toody's..

    @ Uwe: Yeap, good reasoning to former tv pattern:) Its indian summer here, going super above average for temps, so I've been happy about not wearing a coat recently. Wondering if winter will remember to come in Ist'l;)

    @ IU: Sanirim aralik itibariyle pastirma yazi biter, ve bitmesiyle gonglar calmaya baslar kis icin, degil mi:)