Friday, December 17, 2010

Russian Mountain

Riotous colors. Mad geometric patterns. You can skip the annoyance of reading a book, and knit a pair of Colored Happy Feet for yourself! Happy face is the mirror of happy feet, don't you think so:)

Sock knitting in Turkish way is very pretty and fun to what I know from knitters. And, it could be something new if you like sock knitting. Knitting from cuff down in Americas and also western Europe countries, however in Turkey mostly sock starting is at the toe, increasing until the foot width is well fitting, and going on up from there.

Here are five traditional patterns to knit; all wonderful, all great Turkish designs:

Those above the most unusual and vintage Anatolian socks are coming from my Antiques Collection. "Too beautiful to be true"! I always adore our folkloric wovens, but knitting is something like a Russian mountain for me, in particular above richness in no way I could make, nowhere else you could see.


  1. Hi Nihal!
    Beautiful patterns!
    If you wish to have a look at a new post about the NO TAV battle, come to my blog!!!
    Greetings from Italy

  2. Nihal, I also like high-speed and high-tech, but not in the Susa Valley. You know, that valley is so precious, artistic, delicate: I fear the TAV construction will damage the environment and give great trouble to the inhabitants.
    Have a happy and serene weekend :-)

  3. @ Pietro: I'm in the midst of nature and technology. Comes so fantastic to take high-speed train at Kiev and end up at Lisbon, five countries corridor, wow!
    From what I have seen of that in your blog, will they never be able to build the TAV? When will it be announced by EU, final decision about TAV? Of course I wouldn't like a nature destruction in Val di Susa, wondering if there is not any other opt rather than that unique valley for TAV-project?
    If you think it will work, I'd gladly hang down NO TAV flags from my (three) balconies, let me know:)
    Istanbul thinks beautiful Susa always:)

  4. Nihal, the knitted patterns you show are just lovely. My feet would be happy to wear any one of them.

  5. Hi Nihal! As far as I know, the final decision (most likely "yes") will be announced in March 2011 and unfortunately the Valley of Susa is the only option for the TAV project. It's really nice your idea to hang down NO TAV flags from your balconies: it's very kind of you Nihal, but I think it wouldn't work (and it wouldn't work in Turin, either) because NO TAV is a movement just of the Susa Valley and is perceived only by the local administrators.
    Have a happy Sunday! Here it's cold! :-)

  6. beautiful, beautiful knitted socks! they are such a treat in the winter. i have 2 pair from my german grandmother...but they are not so colorful! next time i am in istanbul, i must find them!


  7. @ Graciel: Yes, would be such a treat for sock lovers. I do not like wearing them but only culturally I'm interested in:) Can not be found in metropol Istanbul. Mainland as we call the Anatolia is the home for them. You've to travel inside, the small villages. I've collected (+still collecting) those socks during my trips in Anatolia.