Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Angels Among Us

I remember very well... it was around beginning of the month July. A conversation between my mom and me realized as follows:

Mom called me and asked: ''Nihal, can you find me a beautiful Angel pattern for my next Project?''
I replied: ''Sure, I can mom. Give me some time for finding it. Do you let me know what kind of Project you need it? ''
Mom said: ''It is a kind of embroidery. Right now I do not want to tell you in details. Maybe later on, OK?''
I replied: ''Allright, I will try to find one pattern for you.''

Do you believe in Angels?

Me, YES, I certainly do! When or if I am asked to describe an Angel, then my response would be easily like this: ''What I am told by my parents that they are beautiful beings above with wings of gold and hearts filled with unique love. I believe in Angels with all my heart and the help that they can give us. I strongly believe that Angels guard us of that I have no doubt.''

For this reason, anything related to the Angels, Angel patterns & designs... all is enough to grab my attention for every time. If it is about a hobby and/or a craft thing, then the Angel patterns are my top favorites to choose and then apply. My mom knows very well what are my likes and dislikes:) So, she was correct which pattern to pick up:)

In a short time, I made a search for my mom and found a nice Praying Angel pattern as seen below. Still I was not aware of anything what my mom would do with the pattern I provided:)

Last weekend, on my Birthday, all was clarified about the ''Secret Angel pattern'':)

I received really nice gifts on my Birthday, but among of them there is only one gift, which I wanted to share its story with you all today. Here it's the wonderful thing that my mom gifted me:
An Embroidered Frame of Praying Angel! There is many ''because's... about it.'' Lets see what they are:

She embroidered this gorgeous frame for me. It's so beautifully done and finished. It is a very well-known Turkish embroidery technique called as Chinese-needle (Turkish:Cin Ignesi). As lovely as it is in the photos; it's so much prettier in real life. It's very special gift for me because it reminds me of my mom each time I see it. It reminds me how much time and patience she dedicated. Moreover, its hand-made quality is another plus point. I will cherish it forever.

I'd like to report its stages in accordance to mom's telling:

She started with a piece of suitable raw-silk fabric in color of light cream. From there, she picks and chooses yummy DMC colors of silk threads and then copied the pattern on it before starting to embroider it with a hoop. Finally she ended up it with a lovely Italian text, that's to say ''Angeli Fra Noi (English: Angels Among Us). ''

I managed to photography its pattern, what it looked like before and after as above, for your view.

Today I decided to make it wood-framed with inlay mother-of-pearl (see the photo closer below). I bought this hand-made frame during my travel in Cappadoccia, and waiting for a good occasion to use for a while long in my storage. I thought now it is the best time to pick it up as nothing could be better than this frame for my Angel embroidery:)

Regarding embroidery, I am not good at it. I am yet beginner. I think to take embroidery sessions in between everything else from my talented mom as long as there is simply enough time to practice on it. As she is a graduate from Fine Arts Insitute, that's why she is highly capable on almost every kind of handcraft things. I am proud to be her daughter:)

On my Birthday, I gave her a big-kiss whispering like this ''Thank you Mom, you are Great as always!''

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  1. '' Evet, gercek bir Melek sanki...renkler ne guzel secilmis
    oyle! Brava alla nostra madre :))