Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heartfelt Thanks

It is for sure to be tons of fun and lots of treats if you love Birthdays as much as me.

I celebrated one more year of my precious life with a cozy and memorable oh-so happy birthday party at home. We' ve got everything to make it perfect -from a ''Tiramisu Classic'' birthday cake that is indeed wonderful taste for a get together or any special occasion at home, decorations and favors to gifts, surprises and beautiful flower arrangements which all I received in only one day:)

Before I start on my daily routine today, I would like to thank you hugely for your all kind e-mails, nice birthday cards received from the mailing, kind comments left on my Blog and even lovely SMS's sent to my mobile-phone for my Birthday. It is fantastic for me!

I' m thinking all of you, and I' m feeling much rejuvenated. You really made my day extra-happy!

What can I say?
I' m pretty ready for my next Birthday,
whatever that may bring!

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