Monday, August 06, 2007

Dream on ThreeC ''Coffee, City, Cow''

I give you 3-keywords starting with C: coffee, city* and cow.
See photos. Now I ask if you can imagine them all together?

(*) Photo shows the Asian side of Istanbul where I live,
Bagdat Avenue.

Don't think it is impossible;) Now you will see how it is possible:)

The other day I woke up to a cloudy gray skies that was giving signals to be rainy. But it did not stop me from going out to have a cup of coffee (1st C) in the afternoon in an elegant shopping center Kanyon, which is my top favorite in the downtown. For more, visit here.

An unique place for shopping, entertainment and residential in the heart of City (2nd C). I sat down at a coffee corner. When I was drinking my coffee I found myself stuck by the ghost of the decorated shape of a cow (3rd C). It was painted with charming light blue and ethnic motifs on a rainbow background.

This unusual event is Cow Parade-Istanbul. From Aug 1 till Oct 31, there will be many cows on the streets of the City. These life-sized fiberglass cows are placed in the high profile buildings and shopping malls, even to adorn the streets. It is considered among the world's biggest public art events. A phenomenon for the past ten years. The host cities are decided by the European and American CowParade holding companies.

Afterwards I wanted to make some window shopping inside at Kanyon. While passing thru one to another shop, this time I realized that my eyes met with another cow, that was a Spanish cow with a red rose.

Oh cows everywhere... cute cows are stampeding through downtown in Istanbul!

Being a girl brought up in this city, I have always admired those who has got a countryside life style. Animals, farm houses, full oxygen, fresh cheese and milk... etc all came suddenly in my mind. Even though it was only a sculpture but enough to make me the happiest one like kids:) I absolutely loved it! Loved dreaming of myself in a farm house nearby my ''real'' cow... dreams dreams...

Not only a colorful event but there is a goal of course: to rise money for local charities in the hosting country. For Turkey, it goes to Mother Child Education Foundation, Street Kids Association, Reforestation and Protection of Natural Habits Foundation. As a result, it brings a major economic and cultural impact on the city.

If any of my readers living in those countries like Denmark or China, I advice you to get ready to meet adorable Cows;) Because cows will head both of these Cities firstly Copenhagen -this year- and later on Beijing-in 2008- after Turkey. All the official info is referred here.

Fact-findings about a Cow:

* It takes 340 squirts to fill a milk pail.
* A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
* Cows can live up to 25 or 30 years.

I am overjoyed with this wonderful works of art for public display. I think that new art lovers will find an usual challenging atmosphere to exhibit their works to the visitors. This universally loved animal ''Cow'' represents many things to many different people and cultures around the globe but it is always regarded with affection. So no wonder why cows were chosen for such an art event.

Standin' in the pasture, eatin' grass and hay
You know that's pretty much my day,
'Cause I'm a cow. Moo moo moo.


  1. Abla,inekler cok hos;) guzel bir etkinlik,katiliyorum sana:)Blogunu okumak zevkli ve ilginc.Devamini bekliyorum...
    Utku bir tutku :D

  2. Ciao bella!!!
    Eccomi qui appena mi chiami.
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  3. Bu inekler bana eski bir cocuk sarkisini hatirlatti desem :p

    Ali Baba'nin bir ciftligi varrrrr, ciftliginde inekleri var
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  4. @ Alessa, cara...
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    @ Bengi,
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