Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Small Miracles Can Happen Daily

The Netherlands...
Not known only for its flowers and many varieties of beautiful Tulips but traditional dresses which are still worn today.

When I was in Holland a few years ago (above my photos taken during my travel), I remember very well the Dutch national costume: a black skirt, striped apron and a small apron, a shawl and a lace cap. It is very famous image all over the world and can easily associated with the Netherlands. I still keep in a safe place at home a souvenir doll in the Volendam costume which I had bought during my travel. In Holland there is no one single national costume but there is Dutch historical costumes from the 12 provinces! I read it here.

While visiting some small fishing villages in the Netherlands during my travel, I had a good chance to meet women dressed in ''Volendam costumes'' and even make nice chats with them. For instance, today there are many Turkish women left who still wear their traditional costumes on a daily basis. They stopped wearing their costumes and changed over to modern clothes. In Anatolia it is possibile to see women in the historical villages, but no more in the western part of the country.
Being someone who enjoys anything related to the tradition, authentic and antic stuff, I was very impressed with the rich variety of traditional regional costumes there in the Netherlands, and their life style that is simply beautiful and countryside as in my dreams. I do not remember if I have made a wish in my travel to have my own Dutch costume one day. I guess I should have done it;) Listen now...

Last day I found a big package waiting for me in my mailbox! It was coming from Holland and signed by my friend Marina.

A few notes about Marina...
Firstly, no question about ladies' age! As you know, age is not an important matter but what important is that how she feels;) She is yet in her 40's to her saying to me;) Born in Hague, but Arnemuiden in the province of Zeeland is her home state.

How to start about her qualities: a mom, talented quilter and doll-maker for her dollshouse. Concentrated basicly on making Hungarian dolls. To what she informed me in one of her messages, that she is just planning to make Turkish dolls as well, ohh what a honor for me to hear this!!!

Besides, she has been one of my best friends in a real short time, who's truly caring, thoughtful, kind and perfect at heart! We have exchanged a few e-mails among us and followed a nice conversation, still going on even today. I can summarize in one word, that Marina is -as it is said- as nice as pie:)

Lets come to the inside of my parcel if anyone wonders:
@ An old beuk: that is a dress in Zeeland.
@ 2 lace caps: that is to wear daily. If it is a sunny Sunday, then to wear it with gold jewelery.
@ An old fabric cap
@ 3-aprons
@ Antic Zeelander shawl with tiger prints on it:to be used for very cold days.

To an article I read on-line that says the traditional costume in Holland is hardly ever worn anymore, but for in a few places in Zeeland, the northeastern edge of the Veluwe and in Volendam and Marken. See following picture of Arnemuiden costume. Found this photo and info, here.

I tried to capture some of my goodies for your view; first one is the beuk and next one is the lace cap on my head. Voila!

---Dank u zeer, Marina!---

Marina, I can't tell you how much you have touched my heart, I appreciate it so much! My Dutch costume is very old -to my liking-, durable -even today-, nice quality, lovely purple flower prints on it -see the zoom in photo of the fabric above- and most importantly it is hand-made! The onliest thing missing in my Dutch costume is only my clogs:)

Friends are wonderful to have! You, Marina, are such a delight, thank you for being my friend. You have done it without a sign, without a word. You have done it by being yourself. Perhaps it should be what being a friend means afterall.

Istanbul, as of today, has got a half-Dutch woman on the streets, that's me of course, smile:)

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