Friday, August 10, 2007

You're Invited For Star Party!

Time: August 12th, Sunday


Requirements: A chair, a blanket or even a colorful comfy quilt -that nothing better to get a especially ''Star-pattern patchwork quilt'' for this special night would be perfectly matched- for yourself.

Go outside and then gaze upward at the stars! You will see the fast, really bright and colorful shooting stars dozens to hundreds per hour racing across the Milky Way. This annual event that lights up the late night summer sky.

Maybe you won' t miss this spectacular free show of 2007. Do circle your calendar if you are up for it!

This meteor shower is already started on Jul 17 and will be till Aug 24. However, this captivating show is to peak this year on August 12, that remarks also my Birthday:) I will make two-wishes, what a lucky girl I am;)

Experts say that next Perseids Meteor Shower is to be seen on August 14, 2126. Original source NASA news is here.

Make a wish
when gazing at the stars,
as it is a widely done belief in Turkey.
Have fun!


  1. Hello I�m Beatriz
    I have seen it many years in my people(village) and it is in the habit of happening about the 13th is spectacular.
    A lot of congratulations advanced by your birthday
    And thank you very much for leaving your commentary in my blog

  2. Bu muhtesem gokyuzu olayina sen de eklenince tam olacak:)))

  3. Ciao, benvenuta nel mondo dei blog. Molto interessante il tuo. Ma noi ci conoscevamo gia' ? hai partecipato a uno swap dell'amicizia un anno fa ? Ciao