Friday, August 31, 2007

Miss December

Who says Santa Claus doesn't come in August;) Magic is about to happen early?

No, not yet of course:) We all know that Santa drops in for his annual visit in every December:)

We, being Ladies, can hardly wait for the joy of Christmas time. And,
I am participating in a Christmas Exchange hosted by my friend Donna in Australia.

I think that it is such a lovely way to express creativity in these kind of exchanges -such as Pasqua, Halloween, Noel- with other friends around the world. I enjoy seeing fellow friends who can create truly unique things and who can really play with their own talents and finally create something beautiful. It's my greatest hope that it will give me a chance to know some delightful and kind spirits along the way.

I cannot wait for my Secret Santa's arrival to wrap up me in the beauty of the seasons as it's indeed a ''Secret'' till December. Many thanks to Donna for organising such an event!

Embroidery, sewing and crafts is the excuse,
but the important thing is

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