Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seating Styles

Here typical styles of seating. Which is your style of seating?
A)The style of a Scottish friend?

B)The style of a Korean friend?

Have you ever thought that whether the cultural preferences and acceptability for seating styles impact on business? YES, we call it ''Cultural Impact''.

We know that language is often the one of main problems when communicating interculturally. Even if we speak the ''same language'', however we can easily meet a number of problems of engagement when doing business. While we may assume that the ''language of business is business'', on the other hand, culture has an extraordinary impact on behaviors, communication and values that gives a company the knowledge and insight to build a strong, effective and successful global network.

Because culture directly impacts what we talk about and how we talk about it.

Therefore, business values and norms vary around the world.

Briefly what it is essential for us is that to gain insights into home culture and working on exercises for learning the key factors of culturally-influenced communication styles.

Search for a Future Perfect -by Jan Chipchase, Nokia Design, Tokyo.

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