Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Journey in Beautiful Landscapes

Passport ready? Your trip to exciting places begins right here with ''Thimble'';)

From the country of Tulips, the Netherlands to Norway at a Viking Ship, historic wine region of Champagne, France to Western Australia in Kangaroo's homeland, beautiful landscapes of the world surround these thimbles...

Collection is a universal hobby. I am sure most of you enjoy to collect somethings: stamps, coins, paintings, toys, miniature soldiers, antique items, even fabrics... ''What to collect'' or ''How to collect'' has never been a serious problem for me, because collection is one of my hobbies since my childhood:)

I collect not only what they are worth themselves but also for their designs, the stories kept in them, the events they commemorate. In fact, the collectable items are the window of a nation reflecting the nation's life including its history, art, crafts, landscape, geography and natural history.

One of my personal collections is about the Thimbles. It is growing steadily since it began two years ago. I have always a deep love for handpainted 1800's Royal Worcester thimbles.

Thimble (Turkish: Yuksuk) is a small cup made of precious metals, plastic, leather, pewter -even glass, ceramic, crocheted wool and used for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing. The earliest known thimbles, dating from before AD 79, were those made of bronze and was Roman, found at Pompeii, Italia.

Before the introduction of textiles, thimbles were probably unnecessary. Once textiles and thread came into being, thimbles were needed as it was difficult to use an unpolished needle through thick fabric and fingers had to be protected.

There's an interesting tradition about Thimbles, which maybe you would be interested in getting to know:

''A thimble was an ideal gift for a young man to give his loved one, because it was used daily and so would remind the girl of her suitor each time she sewed. Thimbles are lucky; years ago it was a tradition to put a miniature silver thimble into the Christmas pudding, and the finder would enjoy good fortune throughout the year.'' Source: here.

It is also in my wish-list to visit for Das Fingerhutmuseum (English: Thimble Museum) in Creglingen, Germany.

Many of my friends have generously added very lovely special thimbles to my collection -thimbles from their hometowns, thimbles from their travels, thimbles that present our friendship and thimbles in exchange.

Still today my friends continue to contribute their addy like seen in the photo above: my sincere thanks go to Marina in the Netherlands, Marita in Norway, Jacqueline in France and Sharon in Australia. I would truly be hard pressed to pick my favorite, but they are all special to me!

Friendship is a work of heART.

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  1. You are very welcome, Nihal. It was my pleasure. Nice trading with you. I like your investigation about the thimbles history. So much I didn't know.
    Hugs and take care.