Monday, August 27, 2007

Better Than Chocolate

Let me start asking you this: If you could live your life over again, what would you do anything differently?

When we open up the latest books related to business world, then we come upon the title ''Everyone should smile to each other.'' However you might look around yourself or even your office and say in reverse ''Hmmm... I am afraid that everyone is not smiling.''
As ''Cliché'' as it can be, that everyone talks about how customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are the number #1 goals, but we can not have that if our own people are not happy first.

The Society for Human Resource Management recently named The Berly Companies the second-best medium-sized company to work in the U.S. For the entire of news refer here. The company reports a 97% customer retention rate and a similarly high employee retention rate.

Berly's ''Circle of Growth'' philosophy maintains that employee loyalty will lead to a certain customer loyalty that in turn will lead us to profits. So we can then invest back into the resources in order to allow our employees to grow more and hold onto their jobs. I am agree with Berly that what really drives business is the human touch if we want to build a culture of customer satisfaction from the top down.

I, too, believe that everyone deserves a chance to feel himself/herself important. Rewarding people frequently and respecting their opinions and efforts are really important qualities in our life.

So, it also begs this question: Why ISN'T everyone smiling at your company?

Interestingly enough, the resolution comes up with the simple gesture of a smile:) It makes another person's day brighter as well as our own. A smile is an outward expression of our inward self.
My answer for the question placed at top would be: I would wish to teach the kids the power of a smile and watch the magic begin. This quotation summarizes everything:

Great minds think alike.

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