Friday, August 24, 2007

Key of Success: Team Spirit

Some of us love the classic cars and with personality while others love horsepower and smoking tires. Look at the following photo of 1930's:

Of course, many people will disagree because the average tendency in today's world is mostly to move forward without looking back. Maybe the others will now agree because you can not progress without learning from the elders or from the people who lived before us, even when designing a new car with new ideas. Look at today's hi-tech car:

*Source: BMW Sauber's driver Nick Heifeld

Well, my question is: which category you find yourself to be a part of? I find myself being a part of second category although I enjoy a lot with classic cars like the one first photo!

Here today we see that the same ideas are applied to the cars. For the past 121 years long, the automotive industry has been redeveloped. However it is obviously seen that each time the engineers and designers have started to work with taking into the account past-experiences and past-ideas.

The passion of cars has turned into a business: Formula One.

Being an extensive-experienced one in working successfully within the managerial and technical aspect of the automotive industry, I am naturally a passionate lover of cars -both old and hi-tech cars-. They are -no doubt- my toys:) Formula-1 has been a thrilling sport for me. Highest-technologically racing. Technology transferred down. Global. Best drivers. The best category of motorsports in the world. And, I am a big Ferrari fan:)
Now time for F1 Turkish Grandprix!
Taking start from today and till Sunday, Aug 26.

The City will host nearly 40,000 tourists for this event and over 250,000 people will watch the race at Istanbul Park due to the official news. Here Istanbul Park-Speed Plan:

I believe that it's a big chance for Turkish tourism and also the publicity of Istanbul to the world. Its economically profit is another plus. It is predicted that Formula-1 will make a contribution of 500 million Euro to Istanbul's promotion, stated by the Chairman of Istanbul Touristic Hotels and Investors Assc.

This year will be the 3rd Formula-1 race in Istanbul. In 2005 McLaren Mercedes's Kimi Raikkonen won the race, Ferrari's Felipe Massa won in 2006.

All we will see the team strengths and weaknesses, communication, problem solving, coaching, leadership, coordination, timing, accuracy, self-confidence, decision-making, team support in F-1 race. How to think and to work together effectively and efficiently. Formula-1 will prove us once again the key of success: Teamwork.

Join us to watch F-1 race on Sunday, Aug 26:)


  1. We loved watching the Grand Prix. Our eldest son Wim is a big Formula 1 fan. Hurray for Massa who won the race.

  2. Dear Annelies,
    Yeah, Grand Prix was very exciting! I even could not sit down myself quietly. I think Istanbul brings Massa a good fortune: for the 2nd time again Massa won in Istanbul. He was very sympatic and very on-focus by the media. Bravo Massa. Top brand Ferrari. A hug to your Wim from another F1 fan:)