Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breakfast with Captain June

Ooo... no, no, early this morning I made breakfast with my family, however not with Captain June yet:) The portrait I'll talk about today is an English environmental activist: June Haimoff.

She's settled in Dalyan in southwestern Turkey since 1984. Now she's 84 y.o. In 1986 she began a successful campaign to protect the breeding grounds for giant loggerhead turtles on beach of Mediterranean coastal town of Dalyan (Iztuzu) and she leads her struggle even today as well. Because this area is an important nesting place of sea turtles: ''The Caretta Caretta''.

Award-winning sea turtle photo

*Photograph by Andre Seale. The Shell Wildlife photographer of the year competition. Ref: National Geographic.

Thanks to Captain (Turkish: Kaptan) June that she blocked efforts Turkish-German consortium to build hotel on the beach, so after that this helped Turkey's inspiring environmental movement in order to preserve the beach. No any kind of building or development is allowed in this area. Last day I read a news about her, find the entire of the news here.

Her autobiography has been published in 2005 with a book of Breakfast with Kaptan June, for more refer here. The turtles love her, as do we love her. Thanks Captain June! Like June, we should try our best in developing a healthy natural environment.

''We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.''
by Thomas Fuller, 1732

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