Tuesday, August 21, 2007

French Beauty

Bonjour! Just for one moment, close your eyes and imagine your front door to be greeted by a bunch of lovely flowers...

How do you feel yourself? As for myself, I can not think of a prettier way of beginning the day! The most wonderful thing about the flowers is that you do not have to be an ''expert'' gardener to make them grow;) Wondering how it will be?

Well, get ready for a joyful and colorful adventure as you enter my friend Jacqueline's inspirational and exciting world of cross-stitching...!

We are used to give our greatest blessings in life for our families and also those we hold dear. However it's not the Holidays season right now. No doubt, we know very well that our family members, friends and neighbours who are never sitting at their places although we do not connect with each other as often as we wish. They always try for their best to make us happier with new memories that will last a lifetime.

This la carte brodée of counted cross-stitch as photographed above is a gift by my dear friend Jacqueline which arrived a few days ago. Elle est de Champagne, France. Elle est en retraite. Elle était professeur de mathématiques. Elle aime beaucoup jardiner et broder. It reminds me that even this pretty nice small art of needlework adds beauty to my home and to my life as well as gardening.

Cross-stitch, a kind of embroidery style, is really fun and not difficult! At the end of a busy day, peace of my mind is a mere with my hobbies; that one of them is X-shaped cross-stitch. It's about counting. Corner to corner. A guideline to follow. As you see, I like anything whatever if related to numbers even in my hobby preferences:) Perhaps it causes because of my background in math. The following is my work for her.

Thankfully Jacqueline, my summer is filled with the unique beauty of her own artistically crafted making from the pretty outside flowers my front door to the hand-stitched needlework within. Encore merci beaucoup, Jacqueline. As it is quoted:

La variéte est le sel de la vie.


  1. Kanavice, nakista carpilarin dunyasi...Haklisin, islemesi kolay ve bir o kadar da zevkli nakis isi...blogunda nice guzel paylasimlara...

  2. Coucou Nihal

    Merci pour ces images, j'ai été bien heureuse de faire ta connaissance virtuelle.

    Bonne journée, il pleut chez moi.
    @+ Jacqueline

  3. Both cards are very beautiful ! What a joy to receive this in your mail.